Video: NDP MP caught falling asleep in Parliament

NDP MP Hélène LeBlanc will get the same media pile-on as Conservative Rob Anders did right?

Update: The responses from two journos who posted Anders’ sleeping video on-line to my question when they will do the same with LaBlanc’s

Yahoo News Andy Radia: ‏

I don’t know man. I don’t think it’s as clear cut at the Anders’ video.

Postmedia’s Jason Fekete ‏

I’m happy to post it. I wasn’t in front of my computer yesterday when I saw it, so tweeted link to it.

Update: Fekete kept his word and posted the video (see here)


7 Responses to “Video: NDP MP caught falling asleep in Parliament”

  1. jen Says:

    Paul Dewar seems to be asleep as well which I am not surprise. That party(NDP) has a tendency to go on and on and on when it comes to their speeches. I wouldn’t pass me that the media sleeps as well which is normal for them.
    There are no news in canada unless it revolve around the negative part of the cpc.

  2. Brian Mouland Says:

    MSM will not report it

    • jen Says:

      of course not Brian, what we are seeing with our very own eyes is not seen by the media. I guess they are cheering Terry Nelson as he rips our country apart.

  3. Al Says:

    Suck it up. We wanted power. We got it. It comes with the territory. Rob Anders did it twice and the second time he awoke from his stupor he insulted Veterans. That is why he was so viciously attacked..I don`t play party politics,however I am a small conservative in my views,but I am a proud veteran in my heart . Stop whining about how everyone picks on you and get progressive. If you want to do something progressive try changing the way the game of politics is played in the country. Give the power back to the people. Your beloved party has been hijacked by big industry(OIL), your making secret investment deals with communist China. Your leader is ramming through omnibus bills which he declared as undemocratic when in opposition. Your party/ leader is misleading Canadians on numerous fronts.Your party?leader has interfered in the affairs of Brirish Columbia,,and continue to do so.. Northern Gateway is bad for everyone except Alberta,China and the federal big “C” non Progressive Conservatives. Here`s a crazy idea. Lets process and refine our own Dilbit . Then sell it as a value added commodity.. By the way,classless and partisan as he may be. I think Rick Mercer raised a good point with the Penis. LOL get it? NO! thats something else you party players need to develop. A sense of humour.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Another one of these self-described “small conservatives” who uses a fake email address, plays the “your leader” and “big oil” BS. Seriously, no one believes your lies.

    • Frank Says:

      The Earth travels around the Sun: you can’t ship refined oil. Just wanted to clarify two well known facts of science for Al.

  4. Liz J Says:

    It does look a little like curly Dewar was having a bit of shut eye as well.
    Given the anti-oil agenda of the NDP and some of the nonsense they spew it might be helpful if they all doze off.

    We better hope the LPC gets it’s act together and replaces the dopey Dippers as Official Opposition next time around.

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