Ex-Liberal minister Fontana paid off son’s wedding with government cheques

In an explosive story by Sun News, we learn that former Liberal MP and current mayor of London Ont, Joe Fontana used public works cheques to pay $20,600 of wedding costs for his son:

A federal government cheque for $1,700 was used to pay the deposit for the 2005 wedding reception of one of London Mayor Joe Fontana’s sons when he was an MP and federal cabinet minister.

The former general manager of the Marconi Club has told QMI Agency that several months later, another cheque issued by Public Works Canada in the amount of $18,900 arrived to pay the balance owing on Fontana’s account. (see here)

Also: See earlier post here on Fontana telling PM Stephen Harper to “Get his ass down here”

Update: Fontana is denying any knowledge of the cheques (see here) even though the London Free Press has printed copies of one of them

Update: The reason why this has just now been exposed after 7 years is becoming clear. Turns out Fontana was disputing another son’s wedding bill from June 16th 2012 and the club discussed giving thehim a $5,835 break (see here).

Looks like someone inside the Marconi Club decided enough was enough and tipped off the media and police?

Update: The most comprehensive story so far on this can be found here

Update: It took until past 4PM Ontario time but Postmedia has finally posted a story on this calling it “spending allegations” (see here)

Update: Fontana calls allegations “innuendo” (see here)

Update: Looks like Fontana’s goose is cooked

Public Works would only say that the two cheques used to pay for a reception hall originated in the House of Commons and that it acted as the conduit for payment. (see here)


26 Responses to “Ex-Liberal minister Fontana paid off son’s wedding with government cheques”

  1. Bocanut Says:

    Fontana didn’t even bother using brown paper bags.

  2. Alain Says:

    I can hardly wait for the media party led by a certain bimbo to be all over this latest scandal like white on rice.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Only one comment so far that I’ve seen from the Media Party where CTV’s Robert Fife called it a “misspending trouble”

      • BC Blue Says:

        Looks like Fife has now deleted that tweet https://twitter.com/RobertFife

      • Alain Says:

        Funny that since I recall when I used to work for Corrections we had a certain number of inmates there due to “misspending trouble”.

        • BC Blue Says:

          Also like to hear how cheques went out from his ministry without any over-sight. There were ministerial workers who knew about this

      • Liz J Says:

        Anything coming from Bobby Fife is not surprising. This is the guy who said Ontario’s one man wrecking crew, aka Dalton McGuinty, had a “few MINOR scandals”.

        Since when do we pay for weddings of offspring of MP’s? If this were a Conservative the headlines would be blaring in capital letters. Liberals are so damned used to getting away with this sort of stuff they think nothing of it. Forgive us if we conclude it’s business as usual.

      • LynnS Says:

        The question is: Why does Robert Fife self-censor? I don’t think he removed the comment because you saw it; I think he put it out for you to see. I think Robert Fife is a bit of a maverick. There are times when he is commenting on some issue where I think he is going to come out and say something that is contrary to CTV’s official narrative; he hedges and skirts around it. I think it’s just as likely that his employer or the “robust media” give him a hard time.

        As for Craig Oliver; I’m not an ageist but when you put out such a cockamamie theory or analysis that Harper is responsible for McGuinty proroguing; it’s time to retire.

        • BC Blue Says:

          He originally link the wrong story to it and then when blogger Alberta Ardvark corrected him, he deleted it but didn’t re-tweet with correct link. Odd no?

        • LynnS Says:

          Well slightly embarrasing. But I stand by my own cockamamie theories and I’m happy to share with anyone who will listen. LOL.

  3. ohboy Says:

    Should this prove true…then ole joe should do time.
    This sort of crap has got to stop as too much of this “make light” with the taxpayer’s coin with only a light slap on hand is no deterent at all.

    What is it with public servants that so many are caught in this peculiar mindset that what’s their’s is their’s and what ‘s the public’s is also their’s

    On a lighter note though maybe one of the liberal bagmen told him it was okay!
    ” ‘s OK Joey…go ahead,we all do it an’ no one’s gonna be da wiser.”

  4. Martin Says:

    No mention of the story yet at CBC, but there is a demand by Liberal MP Scott Andrews, to have former Fisheries ambassador Loyola Sullivan disciplined for lobbying rules infractions.
    Perhaps CBC and their tireless workhorse Kady will get to it later, she hasn’t time to cover everything.

  5. Jer Says:

    After an investigation and if this turns out to be true, nothing less than jail time will be acceptable. Not only for Fontana, but everyone of the political and civil servants that allowed it to occur. In now way can this be considered a mistake or oversight. It is theft and fraud.

  6. Ontario Girl Says:

    This story is in our local paper this morning but just a small portion of it. The strangest thing is, not once is the word LIBERAL mentioned in the story or the headline. If a person didn’t know it was a LIBERAL, they would think they were talking about an MP from the current CONSERVATIVE Govt. Sickening reporting once again by the biased media hacks.

  7. Andrew Castaneda Says:

    Call him a Liberal all you want; anyone in London will tell you that this guy is more of a conservative than even the self-proclaimed conservatives on council. He’s a politician; not a Liberal or Conservative. He went Liberal because they had more power at the time; just like he harped on taxation and spending to win the 2010 municipals. Chalk this up to party affiliation if you need to, but the real problem is a morally bankrupt individual.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Hilarious…”he went Liberal”

      • Sue Says:

        In the story labelled “Tories being under fire for the election monitoring mission to Ukraine”, Canadian Press head house Liberal Joan Bryden somehow misses the fact in her final sentence to tell us that Zalusky (the big bad partisan “conservative” who headed the bi-partisan Canadem org.) had actually worked for Ailleen Carroll who was a bleepin Liberal MP under Paul Martin. C’mon
        Do we call her Ms. Bryden or Ms. Crowley?

        • BC Blue Says:

          Also notice that the complainer Elinor Caplan isn’t quoted as being the Liberal who has called CA members “Holocaust Deniers, racists and bigots”

  8. Martin Says:

    Googling “Joe Fontana” this morning, brings up this story only in Sun papers, the London Fee Press and other local outlets. The studied indifference of the media party. to what appear to be alleged serious criminal charges against a former Liberal cabinet minister, is quite telling. Were the saga to involve a conservative minister, I suspect it would feature more prominently in major news casts.

  9. Liz J Says:

    Passing out government cheques means using the money belonging to taxpaying Canadians. Since when is a wedding a government expense? If this outrage is proven true, the powers that be must demand he sit his ass down and write a certified personal cheque for the full amount plus interest to the government of Canada.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Sorry, that wouldn’t be good enough for me…jail time

      • Liz J Says:

        Well, I’d go for both paying back and jail time, however he’s a Liberal, no jail time, no media coverage, it’ll be called an honest mistake, merely an occasion attended by supporters, who would ever find out?

  10. Liz J Says:

    Oh, and BTW, who among most Canadian taxpayers could afford to spend over $20 grand on a wedding?

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