Postmedia reporter says he has Conservative “briefing notes” stating “substantial changes” to equalization payments

An extremely interesting paragraph from the Calgary Herald’s reporter James Wood on last night’s ‘debate’ between Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith and former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff on the topic of provincial equalization payments:

Briefing notes obtained by Postmedia suggest the federal Conservative government is considering substantial changes, possibly including recalculating how hydroelectricity production and the associated economic benefits are factored into equalization (see here)

Talk about huge national news but it flies in the face of the finance ministry’s official line:

I am writing to reiterate the Department of Finance’s comment yesterday, which somehow didn’t make it into your rather lengthy piece on equalization, that the alleged changes to the equalization referenced have no basis in fact. (see here)

I’ve asked Wood if he will be offering up these “briefing notes” as proof and will update if I hear back.

h/t Norman Spector

Update: Postmedia has sent me a link to their earlier story (see here)


2 Responses to “Postmedia reporter says he has Conservative “briefing notes” stating “substantial changes” to equalization payments”

  1. Liz J Says:

    IMO equalization scheme needs a serious rethink, long overdue. A glaring example for the need for change or scrapping it altogether is the province of Quebec, ultra rich in resources and in perpetual have-not status.

    Hopefully this Conservative government will act on this file.

  2. Alain Says:

    Shame on the Minister of Finance, since the equalisation formula is in dire need of change, especially when it comes to Quebec. It is outrageous that Hydro Quebec is excluded from the calculation along with several other areas.

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