Globe article on Harper stopping to wish young couple ‘happy wedding’ – comment section fills with vileness

A very cute story about PM Stephen Harper meeting a young couple getting their wedding pictures taken at a park which the couple’s photographer does a fantastic job of documenting on her website (see here) turns into a lunatic-fest in the Globe and Mail’s comment section:

– Harper duplicates a scene from ‘The Devil’s Double’ where Qusay Hussein visits a wedding Minus the rape and suicide

– How could you consider having the “fuehrer” himself gracing your wedding pics, a “photo bomb”?

– I wonder if he tried to claim his “right of the lord” to the bride… (see here)

These comments reflect more on the Globe than it does the hate-filled people who left them.


7 Responses to “Globe article on Harper stopping to wish young couple ‘happy wedding’ – comment section fills with vileness”

  1. Brad maynard Says:

    I laugh because it shows the leftards have nothing left in the political ammo box. That couple has a story to tell. Good on them and good on Harper got taking the time. Chrétien would have asked for a donation.

  2. old white guy Says:

    i am at a point in my life where i just cannot tolerate the idiots on the left. jeez there are now far more stupid people than even moderately intelligent people. it is so depressing. for years libs have been trying to make conservative thought illegal. i sincerly hope this couple have a very happy life. the bride looked really pleased to see pm harper.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Funny, the bridal party were looking quite happy to have the PM pose with them in several pictures. The MSM jackasses just can’t stand to see people happy to see the PM and appreciate having him stop to wish them well.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Yes, this story does reflect more on the Globe, the editorial have the option to cut off such vicious commentary. The left are lower than pond scum, using anything, even this happy story to excoriate with words the Prime Minister of their country.
    It’s beyond sickening.

    • Jen Says:

      I think Liz J, It is a pity that the Globe have not had photos taken with Ahmadinejad or Fidel, or Hugo Chavez or for that matter, went to Iran with Terry Nelson (FN). It is a real shame! they would feel at home with Ahmadinejad.

  5. frances Says:

    The comments were just wierd, besides being woefully ignorant of how and when bridal parties are photographed. Forget all the comments of Mr Harper being in full makeup; everyone seemed to think he had crashed the wedding CEREMONY of neighbours. These days, many couples choose to have the wedding photos taken before the ceremony, so that the reception is not delayed while the photos are taken. This was obviously the case. Further, just because they were in a park near 24 Sussex Drive doesn’t mean the couple lived in the area; just that the park had been chosen for photos (and may well be a popular site for bridal parties).

  6. Brian Coventry Says:

    I never buy the G&B for this reason. They are stuck up the left’s butt…

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