Liberal’s deputy leader Goodale: “[Harper] behaves like a Third World despot”

If you want an indication of how far away the Liberal Party are from being taken seriously again, check out their official website where MP Ralph Goodale has ‘gems’ like this in a posting :

“Under the Harper regime” and “now in power, he behaves like a Third World despot”

And while he’s at it, Goodale decides to throw in some libel:

“Conservative… robo-call schemes to manipulate voters” (see here)

Classy leadership from a deservedly decimated political party.


9 Responses to “Liberal’s deputy leader Goodale: “[Harper] behaves like a Third World despot””

  1. Guffman Says:

    Goodale is just a giant windbag… no wonder no one takes this party seriously anymore. They haven’t figured out yet that this over-the-top rhetoric/libel doesn’t work on average Canadians – only the rabid anti-Harper lefties who are already lost causes.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Goodale is really a disgruntled old buffoon who never quite made it to the top in Liberaldom, rather he’s spent his time brown nosing around the various leaders he has served under. He’s no help to the LPC, they’ll win no friends with his outbursts.
    He should be made to apologize for this latest outburst,it certainly is libelous.

    Wascana is not a place I would want to visit if that’s the sort of person they elect repeatedly.

  3. Martin Says:

    To date, the only person convicted of manipulating voters with robo-calls, has been the Liberal MP Frank Valeriote. The Council of Canadians court case against CPC suffered a setback yesterday, when one of the complainants and affidavit signers, was mistaken as to which riding she actually lived in. These cases of widespread election abuse by CPC are turning out to be farce. Much easier to cry about abusese then to actually prove it.

  4. Bubba Brown Says:

    Correct if I am wrong here, but regarding robo-call, did not the Liberals star witness lie?
    The only person caught and fined for a call during the election was a LIBERAL I guess Ralphie is off his meds.
    Never mind Ralphie Justin Boo-Boo will be your new leader.
    Is the Liberal party headede fvor 4th place?

  5. ohboy Says:

    Ralph Goodale has the nerve to talk of third world despots.
    One need look no farther than his boss chretien ‘the strangler’ or wheat farmers being herded off to jail for attempting to sell the fruits of their labours without the input of the liberal gov’t commissars.
    As for adscam…@#&**
    Do yourself a favour ralph and retire before even the politically uninitiated realise that your sir are a farce.

  6. old white guy Says:

    hmmm, old ralphie. someone called him a windbag, someone else a buffoon and a brown noser. just remember folks this idiot will suck your dollars out of your pocket for a very long time if he is healthy and lives to ninety. just another old liberal hack who should have gone away years ago. he is the poster child for term limits in government.

  7. Brad maynard Says:

    (Yawn) anything new from the liberal party that’s newsworthy?

  8. Jen Says:

    This is the same guy (sob) who put farmers in prison why? for selling their wheat to the USA instead of following through the CWB.

  9. jon Says:

    Goodale is always one for the rhetorical flourish, but loses all credibility as a result. I remember in early 2009 when the gov’t agreed to submit quarterly reports on, economic progress of the country I think it was, to the opps. The Libs said that they were putting the gov’t on probation. Goodale came on Solomon’s show and said “we have the gov’t on parole” and repeated the term throughout the segment. Probation is a term with multiple applications while parole is inherently pejorative. Predictably Solomon allowed him to blather on, using the term repeatedly, without once interjecting during the one-on-one. Those like Goodale are, in part, responsible for why the federal Libs are in the state they’re in. They just don’t get it. Far be it from me to suggest he change his ways. I actually enjoy his antics and no it only undermines what the party needs to do to be taken as a credible force once again in federal politics.

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