Citizen’s robocall super-sleuth gets very public beat-down for snarky comment about Con MP wearing a poppy

I do so love when an arrogant ‘investigative’ reporter exposes himself the way the Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor did today over his attempt at bashing Conservative MP Ed Fast for wearing a poppy too soon.

There are many rules in place for displaying a poppy in commemorative of our fallen soldiers but he got caught not doing any research before reacting as pointed out to him by many on Twitter (see here). The back-tracking from McGregor is an awesome sight to behold.

The Legion started their annual poppy sale on the 24th.

Also: Check out Alberta Ardvark’s post on it here as he shows how McGregor reacted to being called out for his moronic tweet.

Also: Moose and Squirrel has posted some responses from McGregor as well here

Update: I guess McGregor doesn’t read his fellow Ottawa Citizen’s co-workers’ stuff (see here)

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