Citizen’s robocall super-sleuth gets very public beat-down for snarky comment about Con MP wearing a poppy

I do so love when an arrogant ‘investigative’ reporter exposes himself the way the Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor did today over his attempt at bashing Conservative MP Ed Fast for wearing a poppy too soon.

There are many rules in place for displaying a poppy in commemorative of our fallen soldiers but he got caught not doing any research before reacting as pointed out to him by many on Twitter (see here). The back-tracking from McGregor is an awesome sight to behold.

The Legion started their annual poppy sale on the 24th.

Also: Check out Alberta Ardvark’s post on it here as he shows how McGregor reacted to being called out for his moronic tweet.

Also: Moose and Squirrel has posted some responses from McGregor as well here

Update: I guess McGregor doesn’t read his fellow Ottawa Citizen’s co-workers’ stuff (see here)


18 Responses to “Citizen’s robocall super-sleuth gets very public beat-down for snarky comment about Con MP wearing a poppy”

  1. Natasha (@mooseandskwerl) Says:

    But he assured me it had nothing to do with Ed Fast being a Conservative! He would have attacked anyone daring to wear the poppy so early. I guess that makes him Canada’s premier poppy fashionista! Everyone, go to Glen McGregor for the low-down on whether your wearing of the poppy is a fashion faux-pas. He’ll correct you — after all, being a journalist, he is your moral and intellectual superior!

    • Tripper523 Says:

      Well said, Natasha. I was reminded yesterday when I saw so many poppies being worn by shoppers at Costco that I have to put mine on as well, preferring to anchor it with my Royal Canadian Legion membership pin rather than the “bent straight pin” which holds the black center and seemingly always dislodges from a person’s apparel. (We see almost as many poppies littering the ground this time of year as we do the Timmy’s cups. Such is the close-up Canadian scenery…) What a nit-picky observation for Glen McGregor to make! There could never be an inappropriate time for a Canadian to wear a poppy! Traditionally, we’ll wear them for a couple of weeks up to and including November 11th, but there should be no hard-and-fast rule. We DO REMEMBER our veterans, especially those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, and are grateful to symbolically illustrate by this simple adornment what’s in our hearts. We need no moral authority (media jocks?) for that!!!

  2. cgnnightmare Says:

    “Give it up fellows for Glennnnnnnnnnnnny! Mizz Off his Meds Journalist 2012!”

  3. Paul Burling Says:

    McGregor’s problem is the photo he used of Ed Fast was from today, October 28th. Check out question period from the HoC on Friday, October 26th, featuring a number of Libs and Dippers wearing them, as they should be in my opinion.

  4. Liz J Says:

    This is more proof of just how petty and desperate for ANYTHING the likes of McGregor put out without taking the bother to do one of the basic rules of journalism, check the facts before reporting.

  5. Jen Says:

    How about this tweet from Mc Gregor to acoyne:

    Glen McGregor ‏@glen_mcgregor
    @acoyne Not to split hairs, but Remembrance Day honors veterans not the Legion. Not always the same thing.

  6. Martin Says:

    Last week was not a great one for the robocall M&M twins. The SOC ruled in favour of the CPC victory in Etobicoke, just days after the Council of Canadians main compainant on voter confusion, was shown to be confused to which riding she lives in. It seems as if calls to erase the 2011 election rsults, are steadily petering out. Unless M&M can revive interest by fingering P Poutine, that story too will slowly die. They must find other stories to villify conservatives, but they will have to be neatier and this one.

  7. dmorris Says:

    McG’s reply to Coyne is astounding in it’s ignorance! Simply F***ing astounding!


  8. Chris Says:

    Once again Glen MacGregor is the poster boy for the old saying that “it is better to keep your mouth shut and let everyone think you’re an idiot, than to say something and prove them all right!”

  9. j Says:

    CF members started wearing them this week.

  10. MaryLS Says:

    Well, I am pretty sure MacGregor picked up on this because Fast is a Conservative — but, even giving him the benefit of the doubt, why would any intelligent person pick this up as an issue. It is embarrassing for someone who sees himself as a serious journalist.

  11. Conservative News Canada Says:

    Personally I usually wait to November 1st to start wearing a poppy for no other reason then to wear it for the 11 days leading up to Remembrance Day.

  12. Liz J Says:

    Another early bird poppy wearer, spotted one on our Prime Minister today. A lot of people in this neck of the woods are wearing them as well.
    Tsk, tsk, oh the shame, not on the poppy wearers but the silly fellow who undoubtedly counts himself as a credible journalist when in fact he’s more like a gossip monger.

  13. Stan Says:

    Conservative Derangement Syndrome….

  14. Brian Mouland Says:

    Maher and McGregot the Woodhead and Turdstein of yellow journalism

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