Christy Clark caught covering up alleged sexual assault by her chief of staff

I only say it was an “alleged sexual assault” in that BC Liberal premier Christy Clark’s chief of staff Ken Boessenkool has admitted to and resigned after one Global reporter started sniffing out his “incident of concern” (see here) which occurred in a bar after a Liberal golf tourney drunk-fest attended by many BC journos (see here).

There’s little doubt what really happened and that Christy Clark knows full-well and has not only been caught lying, she has participated in hiding the official ‘investigation’ as exposed by the Vancouver Sun:

The answer was so all-embracing, Fowlie considered the possibility that he’d filed the request to the wrong agency. Perhaps the material was on file elsewhere in the hydra-headed government.

No again. When he put the question to the office of the premier, he was advised that the government wasn’t holding back anything. There were no records of this affair. The entire matter was handled “verbally,” from start to finish. (see here).

We now have proof BC has a woman premier who is willing to sacrifice a female staffer to protect a political hire. So proud…




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  1. Liz J Says:

    Looking at the photo with this thread I’m left wondering if this is a glamour shot with a come hither glance?

  2. John Says:

    What? An effort to bully a man? Do you mean like how she shut even male servants (her words) out of political rooms so they can be women only? I find this bullying intersting, for look how fast she jumped on the Amanda Todd bandwagon against bullying (sorry you were used even more by a bully, poor girl). In her own words, Christy says the only way to deal with bullies, is to stand up to them. Well, I for one, have had it with her bullying. Especially, since two January’s ago, when I wrote her a letter, complaining of workp;ace bullying against me by females. Her response to me? Dog’s rights were a top priority to her (the dogs in the ski resort that were put down, happened at that same time), hence her remark. Oh, and yes, she also tried to arrest me, however, when the constable read the letter, he went away rather quickly. We are oppressed and abused and bullied by someone who is bullying us into stopping bullying. What a wierd wierd sentence. Noone ever believed hoodwinking laws and rules, in the name of making things equal for the genders, was going to turn into bullying. I wonder what Rosa Parks thinks of all this. She just wanted to sit on a bus, and now everyone reading about her, wants to kick all the men off the bus, so it is empty and for girls only. Like fitness places, and stores, and nosepicking salons. There is nothing men only left, except the biffy. ……………….sort of.

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