Another 6 months will go by before Liberal senator with dementia retires


Taxpayers are suppose to be proud of Bob Rae and the Liberals now that they announce Liberal Senator Joyce Fairbairn will ‘retire’ Jan 18 2013? (see here)

And the Conservatives are not much better for allowing the Liberals to get away with this disgusting sham for so long.

Also: For background on this (see here)


Ouch! CP reporter caught being clueless when comparing Peter MacKay’s wife

If you want to see the perfect example of how due to their bias, the Ottawa Press Gallery are ignorant on the subjects they pretend to know about, the Twitter exchange between Norman Spector and CP’s Bruce Cheadle is the one to look at.

For a bit of background, Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney’s wife has been taking a beating in the British press since Carney announced his acceptance as the new Bank of England’s governor for her complete hypocrisy of living the high-life while being a bank-hating “eco-warrior” (see here)

Spector and others (like myself) have wondered why the Canadian media never reported this:

Spector – it took the Telegraph about 3 hours 2 write the story on Mark Carney no 1 in the Parliamentary press gallery wd write

Canadian Press’ Ottawa Bureau Bruce Cheadle responded:

Cheadle – Are you trying to say press gallery should be writing about the spouses of our elected leaders, officials?

Spector – You mean like Peter McKay’s?

Cheadle – You mean the very public rights advocate?

Spector – Yes, and the author of this piece (see here)

And of course Cheadle has since refused to respond.

Note Take a look at the banner ad above the Diane Carney screen shot I posted from her column in iPolitics

Update: A pattern seems to be emerging of the Ottawa Press Gallery reporting on certain people only after another country’s media has done so first:

“Susan Rice is married to Ian Cameron, a television producer who once worked for the CBC”  (see here)

Bombshell: Conservatives say Postmedia ran phony donation story without giving them chance to produce cheques

By now you will have probably heard about the story from Postmedia’s Stephen Maher on how people said that they never made the donations attributed to them by the Conservatives which then subsequently blew-up spectacularly in Maher’s face when the Conservatives produced the cheques. (see here)

Well, it just got even worse for Maher as the Director of Communications and Deputy Director of Political Operations, Fred Lorey has now confirmed that Maher ran the story without giving them the opportunity to defend themselves:

Fred DeLorey ‏@FredDeLorey They did not. MT @pdrobertson Did @PostmediaNews give @FredDeLorey a chance to produce the cheques b4 publishing their BS story? (see here)

If this is true, how will Postmedia deal with Maher?

CTV editor publicly expresses her crush for Justin Trudeau

The above screen capture is the tweet sent out by Christine Tam who is the online reporter/editor for CTV British Columbia during Liberal MP Justin Trudeau’s press conference this morning.

Nothing further needs to be said.

Update: Tam has now deleted the tweet (see here)

h/t  Bert Wikkerink

Trudeau will resign for his Alberta bashing like McGuinty did?

Liberal MP and leadership wannabe Justin Trudeau has had some unbelievable comments he made to a Quebec interviewer in 2010 aired by Sun News:

“Canada isn’t doing well right now because it’s Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda. It doesn’t work”

Lagace then asked Trudeau if he thought Canada was “better served when there are more Quebecers in charge than Albertans?”

Trudeau replied: “I’m a Liberal, so of course I think so, yes. Certainly when we look at the great prime ministers of the 20th century, those that really stood the test of time, they were MPs from Quebec… This country – Canada – it belongs to us.” (see video here)

Yesterday, Liberal MP David McGuinty set the precedent (see here) that Alberta bashing would not be tolerated nor condoned in the Liberal Party – Trudeau has no choice but to do the same.

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