NDP happy their members are actively campaigning in the US for Obama

If you thought the idiocy coming from NDP leader Thomas Mulcair and party president Rebecca Blaikie yesterday was bad (see here) it gets even worse today.

First, we get Mulcair saying he’d prefer Obama to win the US election:

“On that issue I think Obama’s position is more promising for the future in terms of sustainable development”

Then we get this from Blaikie:

“I just sure hope Obama wins, that’s all”

Blaikie said she knows NDP activists in Manitoba who crossed over to North Dakota to help with the campaign there (see here)

Think about the freak-out if it had been Harper picking sides and how do you think the NDP would react if American Republicans started coming up here and interfering with Canadian elections?


7 Responses to “NDP happy their members are actively campaigning in the US for Obama”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Tools and fools, the NDP fill the bill.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Actually it’s offside for the leader of the leader Official Opposition in Canada to be making such a statement and more proof he’s far from ready for prime time. We do know it’s all about that pipeline and their desire to shut down the oil sands.

  3. JEN Says:

    Of course the NDP want Obama to win; THEY ALL THINK ALIKE and for the same reason.
    Obama is the NDP, CBC, CTV, G/M, T/S very own president./ prime minister.and, whatever Obama says goes.
    Question is ” why isn’t any of them living in the States right up Obama’s butt?

    Funny thing though, the americans want our prime minister Harper in place of Obama. Go figure!!!

  4. JEN Says:

    Do you really think that any of them would move to USA if Obama wins.
    You know how it is with the so call environmentalists calling for the oilsands pipelines to be shut down which means that many americans will be left without oil and gas. Right. Well, here is their chance to see exactly what they wished for meaning, In some parts of the STATES there is no oil or gas because of storm therefore those environmentalists should be elated.

  5. Liz J Says:

    According to a poll done by the rag called the National Post “Canadians” overwhelmingly support Obama so if this is so will they also be support smiling Tommy and his party who would destroy our economy if they ever attained power?

    • JEN Says:

      What saves Obama is the media. No doubt about it.
      Can you imagine Obama took a bank to court to have them give a man thousands of the people’s money so that he can buy a house knowing full well that he had no proof of any kind that he is capable or will back the loan, and do you know that Obama won the case?

  6. andycanuck Says:

    They probably voted too.

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