Media knowingly untruthful about security for Harper’s India trip

In another gotcha type story by the anti-Conservative media, Steven Chase from the Globe and the Canadian Press both run the same armoured-car angle while Roger Smith from CTV chimes in on Twitter:

Globe –

Stephen Harper is touring Indian cities using armour-clad vehicles that were shipped from Canada for that purpose – a measure normally used in extremely unsafe areas such as Afghanistan.

The extraordinary security provision raises questions about why the Indian government couldn’t furnish the Canadian prime minister with adequately-protected vehicles for his visit (see here)

CP –

Two armoured cars were shipped to India from Canada to shuttle Prime Minister Stephen Harper around during a six-day, four-city tour this week.

The move is an unusual one for a Canadian prime minister. Harper has only brought his own transportation to two other nations — Haiti and Afghanistan (see here)

CTV’s Smith

PM limos: was there security threat? Indian cars not safe enough? Or simply not big enuf? PMO says ask RCMP, which isn’t saying (see here)

Notice the CP headline “Harper ships armor-clad cars to India for 6-day trip” which is patently false as Harper has no say about his security. The Globe ran the same headline but has now changed it to “RCMP shipped armour-clad…”

Smith and Chase both know full-well that the RCMP over-see the PM’s security and by questioning it, they continue to feed the Harper-deranged Left.

By trying to paint Harper as some sort of touring Presidential Elite they have further exposed their own unethical practises.

Update: David Akin from Sun News shamefully jumps into this as well (see here)

Update: The entire Media Party has now piled-on as Postmedia and the Star have joined in here and here

National Post’s lie of a headline “Harper boosts security on six-day India visit with special armoured vehicles shipped from Canada”

Update: NDP and Liberals keep pushing this media-lie

Bob Rae “I don’t think it is necessary for a Canadian prime minister to do that … we have never done that”

Charlie Angus “If I was the Indian government, I would be pretty outraged that this prime minister thinks that the largest democracy in the world can’t handle his needs.He needed two limos. What, one for him, the other one for his ego?” (see here)


13 Responses to “Media knowingly untruthful about security for Harper’s India trip”

  1. Fay Says:

    When does the media party print anything positive about the Prime Minister or the RCMP. They are both favourite punching bags for the Press gallery Elite.

  2. Canadian Media Party pablum for the anti-Harper left — Says:

    […] Dean has the latest on Canada’s “professional” journalists: […]

  3. Liz J Says:

    Every now and then David Akin’s bias creeps in, he has a hard time controlling it. As for Roger Smith, he’s not fit to be covering the Prime Minister posing as a reporter covering the PM’s trip, making snide remarks about his transportation security has nothing to do with his reason for the trip or what he does while there. Roger gives me the creeps,in fact he’s a bona fide A-Hole, he simply oozes his hatred for the PM, doesn’t even try to hide it, apparently he doesn’t have to to keep his job.

    These tools all know damned well heads of state and Prime Ministers require security, only the Left and fools would think otherwise.

    Sickened by the lot of them, can’t believe a word they say.

  4. JEN Says:

    Maybe, the PM was asked or warned to bring his own security vehicle but he is not obama therefore PM Harper is nobody to the media reporters which tells me, that if PM was to forego taking the security vehicle and somehow he was ambushed by some unknown person, take my word for it, THE CANADIAN MEDIA WOULD REJOICE AND DRINK CHAMPAGNE.
    PM Harper has done more for Canada than Obama ever did in his (Obama’s) four years in Office, except, winning a Nobel Peace Prize for——-?

    At least, the International scene know who PM Harper is more so than the canadian public and definitely the media.

  5. Liz J Says:

    More than anything else I feel embarrassed by the mainstream media here to think people from other countries might be reading their childish nonsense. They are intent on taking us down to Mickey Mouse status with their nasty and petty remarks about the Prime Minister of our country. This is not about cost, it’s about security for the PM and his wife,this is not even debatable, let Bob Rae and his pals in the NDP talk about it over their beer and hot dogs. BTW, I’m not knocking beer or hot dogs but the Left wouldn’t be drinking champagne or pheasant under glass, it would taint their image.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Nash would have released her own security details if she had won NDP leadership right?

      • JEN Says:

        Didn’t she work for the Union big boss taking in union dues from the little guy without disclosing a full account and transparency to the way she (union big bosses and CEOS) spent the DUES. The public want to know where exactly did SHE spenT dues on.
        Why didn’t Charlie Angus travelled with Terry Nelson of the FN to Iran?

        • Martin Says:

          Her union CAW, spent members dues erecting a giant wind turbine in Port Elgin Ont, up against residents homes. This despite uiversal condemnation from neighbours who for the most part are unions workers, though in a different union. So much for labour solidarity.

  6. dmorris Says:

    Ironically,if the Left’s favourite politician,demi-god Barack Obama, had managed the economy of the U.S in a more astute manner,Harper wouldn’t be searching for new trading partners so diligently.

    Stephen Harper is on the right track with this trip, we have to replace a big part of our trade with the U.S. as the Democrats will be closing the door in components of the FTA asap.

    • Jen Says:

      PM Harper is more respected than Obama. Countries would sooner do business with PM Harper than wobbling Obama who has no idea how or what or give proper answers due to the situation in the states.
      When Obama has both the american and cdn media at his feet to kick around whenever he encounters problems; PM Harper who has no media does the job for canada.
      In truth, the media have no idea who PM STEPHEN HARPER IS.

  7. Alain Says:

    Ho hum. They are so pathetic and yet predictable ignoring real and important news while trying to push their own agenda. I have to tell them that this is right up there with another of their manufactured crisis: making the long form census voluntary instead of mandatory.

  8. Bubba Brown Says:

    Heaven forbid that our Morbid Media report anything positive about our hard working PM.
    We now have a trade agreement with India worth two and a half Billion dollars.
    Full Stop.
    Now the Media can’t stand to see any Conservative get well deserved praise for anything so……..shiny thing.
    They will blotivate about the limos cost a MILLION!
    Now as there are a thousand Millions in a billion dollars I think that we are recieving a pretty nice return of what 2500%
    PM Harper has negotiated 6 or is it 7 trade agreements.
    Just more Harper derangment syndrom.
    I guess he should have rented a bicycle.
    What a bunch of pathetic little fools the media are.
    The last big idea the Liberals had was the Green shift.
    The NDP-Q wanna carbon tax us back to the stone age.

  9. Joshua Says:

    HAHA! The NDP lecturing about foreign policy and security? Two areas they have ZERO experience in since that would take time away from GORGING at the public till.

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