BC Conservative Board of Directors being sued by ex-members

Three BC Conservative members who were tossed out of the party (see here) for their opposition to leader John Cummins have now filed a lawsuit claiming that the constitution was not followed when their memberships were pulled:

Lawyers for Ariane Eckhardt, Allison Patton and John Crocock filed a petition against the B.C. Conservative Party on Wednesday, asking for the party’s decision to revoke their memberships be voided and that they be reinstated immediately.

The court documents, provided to The Huffington Post B.C., claim that their memberships were revoked without notice and without a hearing as required by the party’s bylaws. (see here)

I called it right away that this would probably happen as there was no doubt that Cummins and his crew of brainiacs broke the party rules getting rid of this vocal bunch.


4 Responses to “BC Conservative Board of Directors being sued by ex-members”

  1. Mike Says:

    John Cummins and the BC Conservatives have become a joke… the only hope for the party is for John to step down and the board to do the honourable thing and resign

  2. ohboy Says:

    John and his people, in their zeal to do things their way has accomplished no more than to toss the whole movement out of contention.
    They not only picked up their toys and baricaded themselves but were also spiteful enough to stomp on any viable chance of being a serious contender.

    BC loses john… not you or your crowd…you obviously weren’t nor will ever be mature enough to run a big tent class act.

  3. Robbie Says:

    Dean, there is nothing left to salvage. The ridiculous call to Victoria police, and now this impending lawsuit clearly demonstrate BC Conservatives are examples of a fringe party barely hanging on to single digit polling numbers. They cannot and will not win a single seat. How can they when they don’t follow their party constitution and cannot look after the one MLA they had?

    John Cummins, in a BC Conservative fund raising letter sent out this week stated: “I pledge that on May 14, 2013, we will present British Columbians with a visible and credible alternative to the ‘status quo’ parties. I will end on a personal note. Leadership is difficult at the best of times. It can be isolating and challenging, even when one is surrounded by friends and colleagues. I cannot say how or whether I would have done things differently in the past, but I wish that I had done them better.”

    The best political decision I have ever made was cancelling my party membership and then resigning as a BC Conservative CA president.

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