CBC’s blatant hypocrisy on Canadian military’s bin Laden skit

This bin Laden spoof video done as a gag by members of the Canadian military (see here)  is “racially charged” but of course the one above produced by the CBC for its show This Hour Has 22 Minutes is perfectly fine.

*Note The bin Laden skit is number 21 in the play list*

Update: Looks like the CBC is taking a lot of heat for this (see here)

Update: Unbelievably, 22 Minutes ‘comedian’ Shaun Majumder is interviewed by the CBC and condemns the military skit (see here)

I’ve asked Majumder, who does an Indian character himself which was pointed out to him (see here) this:

@shaunmajumder You do know that your own show 22 Minutes did a bin Laden spoof skit right?

Update: Sun News’ Ezra Levant calls out Majumber for lying about this and also catches the CBC holding back releasing this story in order to maximize the timing for Rememberance Day (see here)


9 Responses to “CBC’s blatant hypocrisy on Canadian military’s bin Laden skit”

  1. Chris Says:

    This was the story the lead with on the 6am World news…. Wham, hit the snoooze buttom. The CBC are hypocrits and arseholes. Why do I have to pay for this??

  2. Liz J Says:

    Again, what’s new?
    Wonder how Don Cherry feels about being USED by these bozos?

    As for the CBC, how do they manage to get their hands on military videos not produced for the public? So typical of the Left, including the CBC to go after the military.

  3. dmorris Says:

    Is that show filmed in front of a live audience,or is the laughter “canned”?
    It MUST be canned,as I can’t see how anyone could find most of that stuff more than mildly amusing,NOT burst-out-laughing funny.

    The second skit ended well,”do you have ANYTHING useful to offer?…… um…no”.

    So true.

  4. Alain Says:

    So what if the film by a few Canadian soldiers is considered “racially charged” by the obsessed with race group. This is the military not some feminised diversity club. The last to be able to claim any kind of moral high ground is the CBC. If I were not forced to pay for it even when I never watch it, I could care less how stupid they choose to be.

  5. Hans Says:

    So the troops didn’t make fun of Hitler in WWII? Oh please…

    The CBC idiots are simply behaving like the braying jackasses, that they have demonstrated themselves to be.

    The troops are lampooning Bin Laden, oh the horror…! Run for your lives.

    Those military men are committing war crimes…why they are using the methodology of derision. Sound the alarm military men are using humour….!!


    Hans-Christian Georg Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    Frankenstein Battalion
    2nd Squadron: Ulanen-(Lancers) Regiment Großherzog Friedrich von Baden(Rheinisches) Nr.7(Saarbrucken)
    Knecht Rupprecht Division
    Hans Corps
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

  6. Stan Says:

    The Joe Crow depiction of natives on 22 Minutes isn’t racist?

  7. JR Says:

    The horror, some soldiers blow off steam with a skit mocking the enemy, and the CBC goes apeshit with indignation.

    Actually, it’s another example of our traitorous public broadcaster attempting to smear the troops. What a load of sanctimonious, hypocritical, not to mention despicable, bullcrap.

  8. CBC 22 Minutes comedian tweets racist slogan “whitepower” « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] This was in response to the Sun’s Ezra Levant further exposing Mujumber’s hypocrisy over the bin Laden military skit (see here) […]

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