BC Conflict Commissioner’s son long-time friend and works for Christy Clark

Welcome to BC provincial Liberal politics where everyone is related to each other and the rot is right throughout.

Tell me that Conflict Commissioner Paul Fraser isn’t in a clear conflict of interest himself in that if he finds Christy Clark guilty on the BC Rail conflict, his son’s job is at jeopardy.

B.C.’s Conflict Commissioner Paul Fraser says he sees no problem investigating an allegation against Premier Christy Clark, even though his son is a longtime friend of Clark’s and works as a senior official within her government.

“I don’t perceive a problem in making a decision in this case that will have nothing to do with my son’s career,” Fraser said Thursday in response to a question on the issue by The Vancouver Sun.

Fraser did acknowledge “there will be people who will connect the dots in their own way,” but said he is confident there is no personal conflict. (see here)

Imagine this kind of incestuous relationships being as rampant in Ottawa. The media and opposition parties would go ape.

At least now I know why he denied my complaint against Clark (see here)

Also: This week it was exposed that the Jobs Minister tipped-off a Liberal insider and that a hospital’s ‘citizen consultation’ was a pure set-up by another Liberal operative (see here)


10 Responses to “BC Conflict Commissioner’s son long-time friend and works for Christy Clark”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Is knowing the meaning of “conflict” a requirement for the job of conflict commissioner?

    Have to say, Liberals know how to stack the deck and cover their butts and if they fail to cover their butts the media come to their aid by turning a blind eye.

  2. frances Says:

    What goings on!! Makes one long for the days of “WACy” Bennett and “Flying Phil” Gagliardi.

  3. dmorris Says:

    Well,”frances” WAC and Flying Phil had their controversies too, but they presided over a period of prosperity for this Province that has and never will be equalled. WAC was the best Premier we ever had, bar none.

    And if this clown can’t see a conflict,he shouldn’t be in that job. “Connect the dots…”!

  4. Nicholas Gunn Says:

    BC Blue, do you think there is any chance members of the B.C. Liberals like myself can convince MLAs in the party that Christy Clark has to go? I’m a Federal Conservative Member and have been a member of the B.C. Liberals since 2005. That being said in the last year I have found myself very close to switching allegiances provincially. The one thing holding me back has been John Cummins being leader of the B.C. Conservative Party. I see Cummins as totally unelectable and the polls show that. The only way I can see the Free-Enterprise Option having a shot at winning the next election is

    1) The Liberals get rid of Christy Clark as leader of the Party and encourage someone like Dianne Watts or James Moore to take over.


    2) The B.C. Conservatives get their act together and get rid of John Cummins as leader and replace him with someone like Dianne Watts or James Moore.

    The reason I think Dianne Watts or James Moore would be good leaders is because they’d be seen as realative moderates. Watts as far as I know doesn’t have any Federal Political Affilations. Moore although he is affiliated with Federal Conservatives is generally seen as a Red Tory by many. I know both of them currently have jobs at the municipal and federal levels. However, do you think anybody could convince them to run provincially?

    I just don’t want to see Adrian Dix get elected in B.C. as I think he is the most left leaning leader of the NDP in a long time.


    • BC Blue Says:

      I highly doubt many left would be convinced to remove Clark. That time has past for them to do that unless a major bombshell goes off. If the Conservatives had created something in which a couple more had moved over to them, then it may have happened but Cummins has destroyed that of course.

      I’d be willing to take a good look at Watts (not as a BC Liberal though) but can’t even remotely get behind someone like Moore who I have no faith in at all.

  5. Nicholas Gunn Says:

    What should people who believe in Free-Enterprise do in the mean time then? Because as it stands if nothing is done leadership wise in either of the BC Liberal or BC Conservatives, Adrian Dix is going to win in a landslide.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Trying to look on the bright side of facing 4 years of an NDP government, there will hopefully be a proper cleaning out of all the corruption within the Liberals and those who enable it within the business community and media so that a new party can emerge.

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