Liberal Party president uses dead soldiers to attack Conservative MP

There is nothing more vile than using our war dead for political points scoring especially in an ad hominem way like the Alberta president Wendy Butler (who is also a teacher see here) of the Liberal Party of Canada did:

Is this what our soldiers fought & died for? Con MP insists he didn’t want reporter fired (see here)

Butler then has the audacity to say this about the campaign of Liberal candidate Harvey Locke:

Hey that looks like a Calgary scene;) Running a great, positive campaign. Your policies are strong

No wonder Alberta has no Liberal MPs when this is what passes for their leadership.

Also: Check out the Calgary Sun’s Stephen Lauten’s vile tweets about the Conservatives and Harper:

The glamourization of war while trivializing the human cost is a standard item in the fascist toolbox

The Harper Govt truly stands “behind” our troops, using them as a human shield for cheap politics

Harper will parade our war dead down the “Highway of Heroes” but won’t pay to bury the poorest of them (see here)

The Calgary Sun must be sooo very proud to have Lauten representing them




9 Responses to “Liberal Party president uses dead soldiers to attack Conservative MP”

  1. frances Says:

    Am confused – what reporter was fired?

  2. Alain Says:

    What a disgusting idiot, but that explains her political affiliation. Honouring our veterans and our troops who fought so that this idiot can spew her poison is not glorifying war.

  3. jmw Says:

    What a cheap shot at the Conservatives considering the Liberals and NDP as much as accused our military of war crimes! A bit rich, don’t you think?

  4. Liz J Says:

    The Liberals have no room to utter a word about how the veterans or the military are treated given the history of that party, especially under one of their great heroes PET. Then there was Chretien who sent troops to Afghanistan without proper equipment and cancelled badly needed helicopters to make political gain. I shudder to imagine where we’d be today if we hadn’t finally wakened up and elected a man who is working hard to fix the result of decades of Liberal neglect of the military.

    Some people just aren’t even fit to wear a poppy. I don’t see how any politician who could stand and accuse our soldiers of committing war crimes in could have the gall to wear a poppy. Phonies. Shams.

  5. Durward Says:

    I agree with the Calgary Sun’s Stephen Lauten’s first line. (The glamourization of war while trivializing the human cost is a standard item in the fascist toolbox)
    My WW2 vet father lived without any Vet pension until Harper’s Conservatives gained power then he received it at 87 yrs of age(2007), Dad joined up under age the very first yr as did many Sask boys, I have his Medals, the Lib’s excuse for not giving it to him, he already got a pension from the trade union(UBC&Jof A/aHe was a Carpenter) and in their eyes did not need it, My uncle was refused a wheelchair from the DND for decades after returning home injured, he got one when the Cons took power.
    My Nephew in the navy hates the Liberals and not the Cons, No wonder why.
    Lauten is full of you know what, The Cons are still wading through decades of Liberal anti-military policies and red tape, mountains of it,fighting an overstaffed self interested bureaucracy all the way, a dictator might just do as he pleases but honest people have to work harder and longer to accomplish things legally.
    Lauten blames the fireman for the arsonist burning the house down.

    • Brett Says:

      I agree, but the Conservatives still have work to do in gutting the Liberal infested, anti-veteran VAC.

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