My complaint filed with the Ombudsman for CBC’s coverage of bin Laden skit video made by military members

Below is my complaint filed November 11 2012:

My complaint stems from the CBC story “Military investigates video of racially charged skit” posted on-line Nov 8 2012

– that the CBC intentionally withheld the story to maximize its affect on Remembrance Day

– that the CBC did not disclose to their readers and viewers they themselves have produced a bin Laden skit through the program This Hour Has 22 Minutes as well as other racial-based characters even though the CBC reporter interviewed comedian Shaun Majumder from that show

– that CBC employee Shaun Majumder tweeted the racial slogan “whitepower” Nov 10 2012

See earlier posts on it here and here


Dear Mr. Skoreyko:

I write to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail.  It is the customary practice of CBC’s Office of the Ombudsman to share complaints with the relevant programmers, who have the right to respond first to criticism of their work.  I have therefore shared your e-mail with Jennifer McGuire, General Manager and Editor in Chief of CBC News.  If you are not satisfied with the response you receive you may ask me to review the matter.

Programmers are asked to try to respond within twenty working days.

Kirk LaPointe

CBC Ombudsman

Update: Another complaint has been filed with the CBC Ombudsman


20 Responses to “My complaint filed with the Ombudsman for CBC’s coverage of bin Laden skit video made by military members”

  1. Guffman Says:

    Shall we all take bets on what the Ombudsman reply will be?
    My money is on something to the effect of “we looked into your claims and found that the CBC did nothing wrong on any of these counts”. I’d love to be proved wrong… I’ll await their official response to you.

    • Michael Harkov Says:

      An investigator that investigates itself and it’s own employer. Yeah, I can’t wait for the outcome either, LOL.

  2. frances Says:

    OTT, but CBC today reports that Mr Harper is in Hong Kong where he attended a ‘different’ ceremony recognizing the Canadians killed and wounded there ‘towards the end of WW II’. Their historical revisionism never ceases to amaze.

  3. Bec Says:

    This is the most shameful news organization on the Continent and their media personalities are in the mindless morality/blatant bias of the Chris Matthews type.

    The only way this waste of money excuse for news can exist, is if this ENTIRE country becomes a fully bought in, socialist environment. That is what these overpaid, underachievers are aiming for and divisive behaviour, aimed at THEIR preferred audience is the method to their madness. Otherwise they would lose.

    Good for you but I’m in the camp that believes that the ombudsman will brush this off as ‘nothing to see here, move on’.

  4. Dirt Says:

    Good for you, not to mention it’s CBC’s opinion that the skit was racially charged thus they failed to report the news instead they gave us their opinion of the skit.

  5. Alain Says:

    Gufffman, Frances and Bec beat me to it and expressed my thoughts perfectly.

  6. Fay Says:

    All canadians would be better served if the CBC was held accountable. Canadians deserve better!

  7. Donald Says:

    I’m a firm believer in free speech and if I don’t like what I hear or see I look away. Sure what CBC done was grossly offending to me and many others but I believe freedom of speech should prevail. If Shaun Majumder wants to say “white power” then so be it. Yes I’m horribly offended but he’s got the right to say that if he wishes. I’m sure the complaint will be dismissed as it should be.

    • BC Blue Says:

      You sure do miss a lot – intentionally or because you don’t read before commenting?

    • Michael Harkov Says:

      When a news organization pays it’s own way, they are entitled to whatever editorial and opinion content that they want; they live or die on their own. When a news organization is paid for by TAXPAYERS who might not agree with the editorial content they are forced to pay for, then that is an entirely different story. If the CBC is going to offer a news service on the taxpayer’s dime, the should be staying out of the editorial/opinion end of it completely, whatever the political slant, right or left.

      But they don’t, and that is a problem. They can have whatever editorial opinion they want, CBC supporters that agree and support their editorial content should be perfectly free to it – just don’t expect me to pay to support that.

    • frances Says:

      Certainly he has that right, but not on MY dime. Privatize the CBC and let them say what they want.

  8. john Says:

    Donald, stop. Even if the CBC were to cease to exist tomorrow and every one of the CBC employees were to lose their jobs (Oh! How I wish!) no one’s freedom of speech would be infringed. You can say whatever you wnat. I just don’t have to pay you to do it.

  9. Jen Says:

    Dean, jusk asking ” did Gerard Kenedy repay his loans to EC?”
    why I ask is because he is running for the leadership of Ontario

  10. Donald Says:

    What I can’t see Dean is how you are offended or hurt about the CBC’s actions regarding this matter?

    That clown shaun said “white power, the bin laden skit and that this skit was withheld to have a stronger influence on viewers because of remembrance day?

    So the CBC can say what they want just like Sun News and the rest. That’s my point. It’s a free country!

    BTW I use Sierrasil and Christian mingle and the CBC sucks!

    • BC Blue Says:

      Ok, so you’ve now proven yourself an idiot. Advice is not let so many people in on the fact.

    • Alain Says:

      Donald, what is it that prevents you from understanding what others have told you several times and is the key issue? SNN does what it does on its own dime while CBC does not. For a final time the difference is that we are forced to fund the CBC whether we watch it or not. This has absolutely nothing to do with free speech or a free country.

      • Brian Mouland Says:

        Not a little tired of the partisanship on news stations and cut most of them including Sun TV and CNBC last month. But try I cannot get rid of that marxist CBC and still have to pay for it

  11. Brian Mouland Says:

    The Raj Binder ccharacter is much more insulting

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