Justin Trudeau caught lying about Liberal candidate apologizing for war vets campaign signs

If you’d like to see a perfect example of what leadership ‘qualities’ MP Justin Trudeau brings to the table, check out this video from Sun News that catches him making up a lie about Liberal candidate Grant Humes (see here).

Also: See earlier post on Humes’ campaign signs here

Update: Trudeau has hissy fit when asked about this Liberal candidate using war vets as campaign fodder (see video here)


17 Responses to “Justin Trudeau caught lying about Liberal candidate apologizing for war vets campaign signs”

  1. Guffman Says:

    Wish I could say I’m surprised at Justin… but no. And then he has the nerve to slam Sun news while he’s lying… amateur hour! Thankfully, we can expect a lot more of this from him in the coming months.

  2. ohboy Says:

    Justin Trudeau is an angry man under that slick veneer of bon hommie that he employs fairly steady.This scrum and his earlier ‘justin is outraged’ diatribe…delivered in the 3rd person attest to that IMO.
    Too eratic for leadership material, but then again the youth demograph that he caters to are an angry crowd…though really at what is difficult to say…they’ve lacked for nothing in our society of largesse.
    As for Grant Humes and especially his over the top angry campaign manager… what can one say? Indignance and vitriol are the oil that runs the progressive machine. Show me a liberal without a pet peeve cause and I’ll point out that he/she is into taxpayer money…enough to resign/retire so they don’t give a cr*p anymore.
    As an afterthought, I think people need to realize that justin is only a front man and that his strings are pulled by others including his brother.

    Pray we all don’t end up working on maggies” (offspring’s) farm.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Liberals lie, they’ve had great success with it so why would they change tactics? Dalton McGuinty is a prime example, he lied his way to two Majorities and a third almost Majority, there’s hardly a promise he didn’t break. We know Chretien lied about getting rid of the GST and he won “tird” Majority. His Deputy Sheila Copps also promised her constituents to get rid of the GST then had to resign and run again for her seat.

    Keep lying Justin, the MSM will cover your ass. He’s got a biggee going now, he’s going to legalize pot, that should obscure a few lies.

  4. dmorris Says:

    “Ohboy” ,are you suggesting that the LPC leader is no longer chosen by the Desmarais family?

    Justin Trudeau is as qualified to lead this Country as I am qualified to be the Pope. And I’m not a Catholic.
    Liberals have chosen style over substance since the days of PET. Let us hope,for the sake of this Nation,that a few grownups in their ranks will choose a leader with some of the latter,and NOT go for the “pretty face”.

    Whether Conservatives want to admit it or not, Canada needs a strong Liberal Party, especially in Opposition, ready to form the next government. The alternative, the New Communist Dipper Party would be an utter disaster in government, make NO mistake about it.

    I seem to be one of the few Conservatives who isn’t cheering for the death of the Liberal Party,as I’m fully aware that the Conservatives won’t be in government forever,and we’ll have to live under another Party.

    NDP or Liberal,I’ll take the LPC any day over those communists in the NDP. Imagine Libby Davies in Cabinet. If that doesn’t turn your blood cold,I don’t know what will.

    • LynnS Says:

      I’m not cheering for the death of the Liberal party either. But it seems that they have already crowned Justin if we are to believe CTV pundits that Martha Hall Findlay; in spite of her intentions, doesn’t have any support in the Liberal ranks. I’m appalled that Trudeau is such a twit and despite his shortcomings; they think he’s a winner. The CBC frames it as a contest between party strategists and while Martha is smart enough to avoid being baited; Trudeau is not. So, she doesn’t have a presence in the House of Commons. Neither does Trudeau, unless he’s being an ass. It appalls me that the old boy’s club thinks that Justin will save their seats and their bacon and they would prefer an idiot they think they can manage and control over someone with real substance. There is a real prospect that someone as insignificant as Trudeau Jr. could be foisted on the electorate by “swooning” crowds of high school kids attending university and occupy camps. It’s bad enough that the NDP was elevated to opposition throught the election of place holder candidates by an electorate with poor choices.

      I’m a die-hard conservative who once voted liberal and I don’t like what is going on. It’s in everyone’s interest to find and field the best candidates. The liberal party isn’t going to implode with Justin as party leader because there are too many twits out there who will vote for him. Barring a Trudeau meltdown where he talks about himself in the third person; the bar has been set pretty low. Of course all his “supporters” acknowledge that’s a possibility and the reason why he isn’t present in the commons and there is no coverage of his university campaign.

      We should all be supporting Martha and kicking Trudeau’s can to the curb. .. .

  5. Mary Hines Says:

    What an arrogrant piece of work that is!!….. Doesn’t he “think” he is so much smarter and better than all the rest of us put together!!! – who does he remind you of????…… If this is the Liberals’ shining star….I guess the Conservatives have nothing to worry about!…. Put a little pressure on – and he cracks… be great representing Canada on the World Stage…..Disgrace!

  6. goody Says:

    Didn’t he major in drama? thats what he seems to do best .

  7. Anonymous Says:

    If he is so easily thrown off his game by a few questions by Sun News then no one has to worry about him ever becomoing Prime Minister. Since inside the LPC cocoon he won’t be exposed to Sun News, he still has a chance to win the leadership, but savvy opponents should take note and take heart….(hint, hint)

  8. Thucydides Says:

    If he can be so easily thrown by a simple question by a Sun media reporter, then savvy opponents in the leadership race should take note and prepare…,(hint)

  9. Sean M Says:

    Ugh! I’m sorry but Turd Jr. is an arrogant, lying little prick… Telling Sun News how to do their job… sorry Justine, Sun News isn’t the CBC/CTV/Globe@Plop/TO Star etc. etc, they don’t need to ask you what questions they should ask. What a petulant little boy/man… This is exactly the type of behaviour one would expect from a substitute drama teacher who’s only “credential” for seeking leadership of the diseased Liberals is his despised name. A lying Liberal shooting his mouth off, what else is new.

  10. dddddancetotheradio Says:

    Five Feet of Fury has the best quote on this.
    I couldn’t have said it better.
    “epic beta male…”

  11. LynnS Says:

    God, he’s such a twit. Not to mention a reject from the Count Floyd School of 3D Overacting. Plus he wears clown shoes.

  12. Paul Burling Says:

    Humes is so worried about veterans and animal abuse he only registered the two domain names for 1 year. It was the Liberal Party that introduced the clawback of pensions and benefits. It was the Liberals who cut the estate exemption by 50%. And yet this twit says it’s all Stephen Harper’s fault. Be sure to leave Humes your views on his exploitation of veterans on his facebook page.

  13. Powell Lucas Says:

    Unethical politician + Liar = Liberal.

  14. old white guy Says:

    so he lied and he is a liberal. what is wrong with that?

  15. marven whidden Says:

    You may want to check this out…Humes replies!

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