Christy Clark uses dead teen as political prop while shutting out mother

It really doesn’t get more vile then what Liberal premier Christy Clark has done in regard to politicizing the suicide of Amanda Todd.

Clark had been caught intentionally excluding Todd’s mother Carole from the hastily set-up bullying forum (see here) and then when the media firestorm started to build, Liberal Education Minister Don McRae was sent out to do damage control:

Minister Don McRae said anti-bullying experts advised his ministry against inviting Carol Todd to the conference

Except that was a lie:

Kevin Cameron, one of the experts who advised the government in the lead up to the summit .said he did not tell the Ministry of Education to keep the Port Coquitlam, BC mother from attending (see here)

You’d think by now, Christy Clark would be smart enough to apologize but chooses instead to triple-down with this ‘gem’ said at a press scrum:

“We lost Amanda and it was a tragedy but we should learn from that. She would want that from us“ (see here)

Yup, Christy Clark knows what Amanda Todd would have wanted just like Clark knew that Amanda would have wanted the ‘star’ of the reality TV show Real Housewives of Vancouver to be a forum host (see here).

Is it possible for a politician to be more crass and shameless than Christy Clark?


7 Responses to “Christy Clark uses dead teen as political prop while shutting out mother”

  1. Brad maynard Says:

    Re your last line. Do you really want an answer is that a rhetorical yes.

  2. Ken Kimberley Says:

    What would you expect from a professional bully?

  3. G. Mcrae Says:

    Let me preface my comments by saying that I don’t like Christy one bit.

    Do we know if it was Christy herself who blocked the invite or some faceless bureaucrat acting independently? She has been working on this topic long before she became premier and I believe her to be sincere. There are a lot of things that Christy deserves to be judged on, IMO, this is not one of those things.

    On this topic, I would take a page out the NDP playbook and keep quiet. It looks petty to trying to score point from this. Stay classy.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Oh please… Give your head a shake

      • G. Mcrae Says:

        No doubt that whoever made the judgement call on this messed up, but until we have a document that shows that Christy herself was responsible for this decision, I am willing to let her slide. Trying to pin this on Christy personally is a bit of stretch especially given her track record as an anti-bullying advocate prior to her premiership.

        Chirsty is a walking disaster and the focus should be on things that she was involved in, mainly BC Rail.

  4. milt w Says:

    I find it hard to believe that crissy camera failed to not know that it may have been a tad strange when the mother and father of her photo op weren’t in attendance. Otherwise She would have been the first to have her picture taken with them just to prove how Touched she was.

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