Ontario Liberal MP McGuinty tells Conservatives to “go back to Alberta”

Yup the Liberal Party of Canada’s Critic for Natural Resources David McGuinty seriously said this:

“They [Conservatives] should really go back to Alberta” (see here)

Now imagine an Albertan MP telling a Quebec one that.

Update: Conservative candidate Joan Crockatt responds to McGuinty

Update: Liberal interim leader Bob Rae refuses to remove McGuinty from his portfolio and lies straight to the face of the media:

Rae also said McGuinty is away “on family matters” until next week. (see here)

Update: Rae’s lie exposed as McGuinty has now tendered his resignation as Resource Critic


19 Responses to “Ontario Liberal MP McGuinty tells Conservatives to “go back to Alberta””

  1. Pissedoff Says:

    Here in Ontario we know the brothers only have one brain shared between them. Problem is we can never tell which one has it.

  2. Steven Says:

    What a gift for Joan Crockett

  3. john Says:

    It doesn’t matter to them. They know bloody well they don’t have a hope of electing any real number of Liberals in Alberta and never will so they can say whatever they want. They’ve written our province off for years.. Remember Chretch’s “tough love” comment?

  4. ohboy Says:

    “They [Conservatives] should really go back to Alberta”
    Well Hardee har har har !
    Perhaps david mcguinty should run for leader of the Ontario liberal party and show us how its done…seeing as brother dalton has trashed that province’s prospects for a better future.
    Noting also that Ontariowe…a one time economic generator, is now a financial burden on the ‘have provinces’

    One thing obvious is that davey doesn,t play well with others.

  5. Bec Says:

    Jealousy will get you nowhere David and stupidity such as your bigoted, divisive comment only reinforces what Westerners already know, Liberals are thick.

  6. Dave Hodson Says:

    If Mr. McGuinty thinks that Conservatives are relegated to Alberta, then he’s really showing how out of touch he is with his own province. Nearly 70% of the MPs elected from Ontario in the last federal election were Conservative. Almost half of the Conservative MPs in Ottawa represent Ontario ridings. Perhaps McGuinty needs to take a look outside of the little Ottawa bubble that he lives in. He might be surprised at what surrounds him!

    • Bec Says:

      Maybe he’s just trying to sabotage the newest ‘anointed one’, heir apparent,Justin? Maybe he thinks that if he really scrubs his big bro, the Mcguinty name may rise again for him to kick the can?

      I remember thinking that hmmm, this guy seems like one of the nice Liberals until I saw him take off his CTV/CBC mask while in committee. I learned that day to watch the eyes. He’s an angry, critically mean and closed minded person….. imho of course. It’s all about peripheral vision and this man would appear to have none.

    • Martin Says:

      If he looked outside his Ottawa bubble he would find 5 CPC seats, 2 Liberal and 1 NDP. Downtown Ottawa is surrounded by a sea of blue.

  7. Thucydides Says:

    Notice he never mentioned “and take your jobs, investment money and oil with you”. Like most Liberals and Progressives, he just wants the fruits of their labour, but pays no attention to who does the work or how the wealth is actually generated.

    Of course with his attitude, he would not last long in Alberta or Saskatchewan; they actually want productive workers….

    • wilson Says:

      If his Bro hadn’t legislated the Northern half of the province into a giant ecopark Ontario would have lots of work and revenue from exploiting their own resources. But McGuinty went green and turned his province into a have-not in the process.

  8. wilson Says:

    Yup, they just pretend to like us during the first week of their leadership campaigns.
    Kinda get the nasty part out of the way first off.

    Yes, a nice gift for Ms Crockatt in the last 5 days of the campaign.

  9. Blame Crash Says:

    I guess that we can presume that “Yours To Discover” was yesteryears slogan.

  10. Blame Crash Says:

    That stunned and bewildered look on his mug says it all. Don’t anyone tell him he’s got it exactly backwards and that it’s actually “Go Forward To Alberta”. Lets see if he figures it out on his own.

  11. tapayer Says:

    Did we hear a peep out of Allison yet, premier & defender of Alberta? No……..? Crickets. Wasn’t she one to jet off to Ontario to confer with Dalton right after her election win? Gushed to Dalton: “Ooooohhhh, Daaaaalton, I woooonnnnn. I beat that evil, Harperite trollop beeyatch, so now I can go ahead and wreck Alberta, just like you want me to.” (Bats her eyes).

    Well, words to that effect, anyway. Two peas in a pod. Province wreckers. Davey should get with the Shiny Pony’s program, you know the next leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. He’s all for CNOOC/Nexen and the oilsands…..I’m truly shocked.

    • frances Says:

      I think you can trace that support to a certain Quebec – China relationship (including one M Strong) and also strong Liberal ties to same. Notice he doesn’t support Canadians being able to export their product; Nexen’s not a big player in the oil sands.

  12. Liz J Says:

    McGuinty’s stupid bimbo blooper is more evidence of the shallowness of the LPC. The party is akin to an unruly classroom with the teacher out of the room. They’re all winging it with the media trying to make them look credible as they polish the shiny pony and run down the PM and his Conservative government.

    Good swat for Nenshi, nice bonus for Joan Crockatt.

  13. Jen Says:

    NENSHI is for Nenshi and only NENSHI. Just as Trudeau is for Trudeau and only Trudeau.

  14. wilson Says:

    McGuinty’s rant was over wanting the Govt to have a hand in innovation in the oilsands. (likely tax the industry into submission)

    We don’t need the Feds legislating innovation.
    Right now, in Alberta, a NEW BITUMEN REFINERY is being built, the first in the world to incorporate carbon capture right in the refining process.
    And, it’s 100% Canadian owned.

    So just leave us alone, we will get this done.

  15. Trudeau will resign for his Alberta bashing same as McGuinty? « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] Liberal MP David McGuinty set the precedent by resigning (see here) that Alberta bashing would not be tolerated nor condoned in the Liberal Party – Trudeau has […]

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