Postmedia’s Maher and McGregor omit important Elections Canada lawyer’s email in robocall story

Once again the Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor and National Post’s Stephen Maher have been exposed by Sun News’ Brian Lilley.

In a very serious breach of journalistic integrity, Lilley shows where Maher and McGregor left out of their latest robocall story (apx 100 so far), an email that laid waste to their entire premise that Election Canada officials were directly blaming the Conservatives for trying to confuse voters:

I would suggest you change the subject line [Conservative Party] of your email to something more neutral, as we do not know who is behind these calls (see here apx 4:00 min mark)


They [Maher and McGregor] have an agenda and they aren’t looking for the truth

Yup and if Postmedia cared one iota about their professional standing, they would fire these two on the spot.


8 Responses to “Postmedia’s Maher and McGregor omit important Elections Canada lawyer’s email in robocall story”

  1. bettie Says:

    Perhaps this is a small point, but I can’t stand that smug expression on McGregor’s mug! Ugh!

  2. Liz J Says:

    In journalism having the facts before making assumptions is paramount but with these two ninnies if the facts don’t fit with their agenda they omit or skew them. As for credibility, they have none and any news agency who hires them takes themselves down the same path to obscurity.

  3. Martin Says:

    Another slow news day at the Citizen; the collapsing stage at 2011 rock concert storyy is sort of petering out. This brings the M&M duo flogging the dead horse of CPC manipulating voters in the last election. Once more the article serves only to use the words “conservative” and “voter suppression” in the same sentence.
    Anyone heard of P Poutine lately? maybe he is hanging out where Elvis hides, M&M should get right onto that story.

  4. Cynthia Says:

    Good catch by Lilly, now make sure that this is spread around as much as the Hardy Boys’ story is. Funny this is a week before the by elections isn’t it. hmmmm talk about yellow journalistm.

  5. Pissedoff Says:

    Yet another robocall story from the sun

    Conservatives take heat over ‘robocalls’ report 4


    All just before the by-elections. With nothing about the millions still owed by the Liberals from ad scam. Or their leadership debts not paid.

  6. Jen Says:

    The less the public know of the liberals own robocall scam; the sooner the public will forget. but not the internet.

    Filing deadline extended for six NDP leadership candidates

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