CTV editor publicly expresses her crush for Justin Trudeau

The above screen capture is the tweet sent out by Christine Tam who is the online reporter/editor for CTV British Columbia during Liberal MP Justin Trudeau’s press conference this morning.

Nothing further needs to be said.

Update: Tam has now deleted the tweet (see here)

h/t  Bert Wikkerink


18 Responses to “CTV editor publicly expresses her crush for Justin Trudeau”

  1. Bert Wikkerink Says:

    Looks like she scrubbed it. It’s not there anymore.

  2. dmorris Says:

    Unfortunately, most of the MSM , both sexes, have the same school girl crush on Justin.

  3. Norman Ouston in Armstrong Says:

    This is the same tune played by all CTV. You can see the admiration in Don Martin’s statements for the Liberals while against Conservatives. Disgusting to watch.

  4. jmw Says:

    Clearly, issues of national unity, effective leadership and the ongoing bias that irrationally favours the “hard-left” view expressed by Trudeau, take second place to the boyish smile and superior hair products. Thus the truth of our investigative journalist in the MSM becomes all too apparent—they should pursue their talents in “The National Enquirer” or such similar tabloids.

  5. Fay Says:

    It is sad when the CBC begins look fair and balanced compared to CTV!!!

  6. LynnS Says:

    CTV is reporting that this report is the “first conservative attack ad” on Trudeau. What attack ad? Are they saying that when they report on the existing interview that it constitutes an attack ad by the converatives?

  7. wilson Says:

    We’ve seen this movie before. Remember how the Parliamentary Press Gallery , CBC etc were all swooning over Ignatieff?
    Once the coup happened and Dion was out, Ignatieff in, polls showed the LPC 3-5 points ahead of the CPC.
    Fast forward to the 2011 election, Libs reduced to 34 seats and Iffy lost his.

    Just hope and pray that Liberals and their media do not come to their senses and they elect little Trudeau.
    The Libs and media will not allow the proper vetting of little Trudeau,
    Mulcair and PMSH will have to do that for them.

  8. Brian Says:

    CTV and the Liberals go way back , and may as well be a proxy add agency for the Liberals. Once the next election campaign begins expect CTV to become the MSNBC of the north.

    • the head of CTV, Ivan Fecan, headed a major fundraiser for Jean Chrétien
    • one of his senior Vice Presidents, Paul Sparkes, was Chrétien’s Director of Operations
    • the network’s pollster, Peter Donolo, was Chrétien’s Director of Communications
    • Craig Oliver was one of the closest people to Pierre Trudeau, and used to go on annual canoe trips with him
    • Jane Taber used to be regularly mocked by Frank magazine for being a Liberal shill
    • Roger Smith’s wife was a senior aide to Trudeau
    • Jim Munson, a Liberal Senator, became a Chrétien aide after leaving a senior spot at CTV
    • Seamus O’Regan hangs out with Justin Trudeau and Dalton McGuinty’s former Principal Secretary
    • Rosemary Thompson is a sweetheart, and used to date Liberals at Carleton
    • Bob Fife … just listen to the guy gush over Liberals

    • Jen Says:

      Robert Fife was happy as a breeze when he told Lloyd Robertson on Late Night news (can’t remember the exact date and year) that when he asked Bob Rae a question Bob Rae told him to ‘shut up’,
      That’s how the liberals treat their media.
      Now you see why Trudeau reacted to Alexandra Gunn when she asked him some ‘real’ questions,, he is not used to being asked ‘tough’ questions, he and the other liberals are used to having their questions handled by or asked by the msm.

  9. antfrm Says:

    CTV Edmonton just ran a hit piece on WRP Danielle Smith and her $100 NON claim, justifying Red Redford’s huge illegal funding – (the Alberta PC’s of course being actual Liberals – see how they took most of liberal votes in recent election)
    With both CBC and CTV being liberal shills, we will have to fight hard – and tell the CRTC to whack Bell/Globe on any further takeovers, and break up what is already there

  10. Rod Smelser Says:

    I wonder if this is the only case of a reporter feeling very much, …. er, … impressed by a political figure. Take for example Tom Fletcher of Black Press and his fawning devotion to BC Liberals.

  11. jon Says:

    More disturbing than her tweet is the mindset that comes with thinking that by simply deleting it, it’s gone forever and no one will know what she said. It reveals a particularly odious form of arrogance, a belief held by so many of her ilk in the MSM who believe that they are the exclusive sources of news and information and what they don’t report — and in this case, what they try and cover from prying eyes — never filters down to the public and that somehow their credibility will simply remain intact. Naive.

    The best part is that Ezra in his monologue featured her tweet and you know that when word gets around to her she will go online to watch it. That’s where I derive the most satisfaction, knowing that she knows she’s just been exposed for the phoney that she is. After all, human nature dictates that we want to know what others are saying about us — especially when it’s negative, in spite of our claims to others that we simply couldn’t care less. You just know that at some point over the weekend, she’ll be watching Ezra’s monologue online (if she hasn’t already) and no doubt chirping “go to hell!” at her computer screen. I just love it!

    Hopefully she learns a valuable lesson from all this, but considering that she’s just another member of the Media Party — and a youngin’ who aspires to be just like her corrupt mentors whom she fashions herself as being just like — that’s rather doubtful. In some ways, though, I kinda feel sorry for her and the belief she must have that even in this period in history, the age of the Internet, social media, blogs, citizen journalist and now a news network on air, whose mission is to expose the corrupt brand of journalism she and her colleagues actively engage in, she probably believes she will follow in their footsteps, into her 30s, 40s and beyond, maybe becoming the next Lisa Laflamme. It’s so sad to watch the young ones especially not recognizing that we live in a new media environment. She would’ve been better served to have simply left the tweet and face the fallout that results than by deleting it and telegraphing in the process just how dishonest she truly is.

  12. Bec Says:

    OMG!! What a riot!

    So let me get this straight……The Annointed One, that little boy with the silver spoon could probably make his platform something like; November, grow a Mo-vember, December, book another fur-tastic family photo-op, January, let the hair go and join the 1%-ers in a park for dope smoking awareness, February, Wear Liberal RED everyday, March, book another photo-op, this time a family ski weekend during spring break, April, plant daffodils with the environmentalists……….
    ………….AND NOT ONE of the groupies, like the swooning idiot above would question it.
    How in the world did these people graduate with a degree or is Journalism no longer a degree?

  13. Dirt Says:

    He’s a married man with children, does she know this or does she care?

  14. Brian Mouland Says:

    His last name is Trudeau not Bieber Ms.Tam and you are a few miles past age twelve

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