Bombshell: Conservatives say Postmedia ran phony donation story without giving them chance to produce cheques

By now you will have probably heard about the story from Postmedia’s Stephen Maher on how people said that they never made the donations attributed to them by the Conservatives which then subsequently blew-up spectacularly in Maher’s face when the Conservatives produced the cheques. (see here)

Well, it just got even worse for Maher as the Director of Communications and Deputy Director of Political Operations, Fred Lorey has now confirmed that Maher ran the story without giving them the opportunity to defend themselves:

Fred DeLorey ‏@FredDeLorey They did not. MT @pdrobertson Did @PostmediaNews give @FredDeLorey a chance to produce the cheques b4 publishing their BS story? (see here)

If this is true, how will Postmedia deal with Maher?


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  1. Cynthia Says:

    Maybe this will wake people up *edited*

  2. Liz J Says:

    If true, Postmedia may have to decide if they want to be considered a credible news source or not. Keeping reporters who don’t take the time to get the absolute facts before going off half cocked on a story that feeds their agenda doesn’t cut it with the public.

  3. Daniel Dickin (@DDickin) Says:

    I’d like to know how Maher was able to contact directly with voters based solely off the publicly-available donors’ list on Elections Canada’s website.

    Here’s the database: The only specific information Elections Canada gives is the postal code, which is clearly not enough for Maher to be contacting people. So how is he contacting these people?


  4. Jen Says:

    what worries me is where is the city Editor and/or the Managing Editor who are supposed to check reports for accuracy and truth; before allowing the story in print. What needs to happen is massive lawsuit against Postmedia for slander and libel.

    • Bec Says:

      Jen…refer to Dean’s previous post re an ‘EDITOR’ that appeared incapable of unbiased personal opinion. Now multiply that by the thousands of ‘gotcha wanna-be’s and you’ll have the # of ‘Editors’ not performing the intentional job description of an ‘Editor’ .
      The industry is clearly corrupt from this consumers POV.

    • g2-3c58d57abdf6dbe9156fe768cd4f3a80 Says:

      Postmedia has no Public Editor at all. Both the NYT and the GM have people in that position but they both have been called out recently for inherent bias, so no real teeth there.

  5. Dirt Says:

    What can we do to ensure this kind of false news is dealt with via the CRTC??? Or what ever governing body oversees the liberal media?

    • jon Says:

      The CRTC nor the CBSC have any control over news print — anything goes pretty much, and it’s up to the individual paper’s ombudsman I would guess that deals with any disciplinary action…. subscribers can play a role also. That just proves how ridiculous it is to have broadcast news media governed by these bodies, worse when the worst of them all, the CBC, are not subject to their rules and regulations… Let the free market decide, as Ezra Levant has been on record as having stated.

  6. Paul Burling Says:

    “I’d like to know how Maher was able to contact directly with voters based solely off the publicly-available donors’ list on Elections Canada’s website”

    But, but Maher says the only way robocall victims phone numbers could have been called is because of the CPC CIMS database. Kinda blows that theory out of the water, no?

  7. Brian Says:

    They have watched the US media in action during the US election and like the US media , they have stopped reporting news and graduated to fabricating left wing slanted news.

    Personally I hope they go broke.

  8. wilson Says:

    BC Blue, I was wondering what Warren Kinsella would come out with re: Trudeau’s antiAlberta rants.
    See his column on nationalnewswatch: Politician opens mouth, inserts foot, cue the outrage

    Compare that to his post re: the very disposable McGuinty

    Alberta and Libs
    November 21st, 2012, 11:18 am
    I’m an Alberta Liberal, and – despite what MacParland says – I totally and completely deplore what David said. It doesn’t reflect Liberal policy or any other Liberals’ view, whatsoever. No ifs, ands or buts. It was the wrong thing to say.

  9. Jen Says:

    Dean, reading this
    tweet on your twitter page I couldn’t resist highlighting on your blog.

    Bob Rae says Sun News’ Akin is in the back-pocket of the Conservatives

    The entire CBC rant and ravers reporters, hosts as well as PPG or shall I most of Canada’s media reporters belong in the LIBERALS backpockets.

    • Liz J Says:

      David Akin in the back pocket of of the Conservatives? I’m sure David will be smiling at that one, I find him to be really very balanced at this point. Guess being balaced isn’t something the Liberals used to so anyone doesn’t totally swing their way is somehow off balance.

      Bob Rae should say goodnight, dead ducks should stop quacking and salvage what’s left of their domain.

  10. Brian Mouland Says:

    Surfer Dude on TMZ has more credibility than this Maher clown

  11. Liz J Says:

    Funny thing about jerks in journalism, they never seem to have the cajones to admit to being wrong, they skulk off and live to repeat the same crap over and over. We can only assume their bosses are OK with their ineptitude as long as it fits witha particular agenda.

  12. Gary Says:

    What Canada needs is either laws that will prosecute people who produce false or misleading news that causes damage or an oversight citizens committee that has the power to issue monetary punishments of some sort. This is not the first time that the lame-stream media has slandered or outright produced false stories. Even a governing journalist’s body that regulates the training or licensing of journalists would prevent this kind of thing from happening.

    • Jen Says:


      BCFED ‏@bcfed
      “First, let’s take BC. Then, let’s take the country” – Brigette DePape #bcfed12

      and Gary, Every passing day that the media continues in their dark manipulated path will face their own judges ‘the general public’ who the media for decades have manipulated.

  13. bettie Says:

    In Question Period today, that NDP hothead from Quebec (the new Pat Martin, I would say, but whose name I don’t know) did not back down an iota from his position yesterday of accusing the Conservatives of cheating on the donations in that riding even though cheque stubs have been released. Pierre Polievre told him the cheque stubs have been released, but the NDP man nevertheless repeated the accusation… with a smirk, I might add. Evidence does not cut it with him.

    • Jen Says:

      Could it be Boulorice (surname not sure)
      The very same NDP party that took money from the AMERICAN UNION which is against the CDN EC. law. and for many years which they have not produce any stubs of any kind.
      I would like to ask those american hard working people whose union dues was used to support a CDN NDP PARTY OF CANADA..

      The NDP wants to shut down our oilsands the bread and butter of this nation. And as usual, the MIA MSM remain quiet. Man, they are pathetic.

      • bettie Says:

        Yes, it was Boulerice. He was quiet today in QP… maybe someone got to him, and told him to shut-up. Let’s hope so.

  14. Brad maynard Says:

    Answer. Promote them. Any slagging of conservatives is good slagging apparently.

  15. wilson Says:

    NDP jumped on the Maher article and asked for an investigation.
    Silly newby mistake the CPCs used to make.

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