Ouch! CP reporter caught being clueless when comparing Peter MacKay’s wife

If you want to see the perfect example of how due to their bias, the Ottawa Press Gallery are ignorant on the subjects they pretend to know about, the Twitter exchange between Norman Spector and CP’s Bruce Cheadle is the one to look at.

For a bit of background, Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney’s wife has been taking a beating in the British press since Carney announced his acceptance as the new Bank of England’s governor for her complete hypocrisy of living the high-life while being a bank-hating “eco-warrior” (see here)

Spector and others (like myself) have wondered why the Canadian media never reported this:

Spector – it took the Telegraph about 3 hours 2 write the story on Mark Carney no 1 in the Parliamentary press gallery wd write

Canadian Press’ Ottawa Bureau Bruce Cheadle responded:

Cheadle – Are you trying to say press gallery should be writing about the spouses of our elected leaders, officials?

Spector – You mean like Peter McKay’s?

Cheadle – You mean the very public rights advocate?

Spector – Yes, and the author of this piece (see here)

And of course Cheadle has since refused to respond.

Note Take a look at the banner ad above the Diane Carney screen shot I posted from her column in iPolitics

Update: A pattern seems to be emerging of the Ottawa Press Gallery reporting on certain people only after another country’s media has done so first:

“Susan Rice is married to Ian Cameron, a television producer who once worked for the CBC”  (see here)

9 Responses to “Ouch! CP reporter caught being clueless when comparing Peter MacKay’s wife”

  1. Guffman Says:

    Great zinger there by Spector! … and of course, Cheadle goes silent 🙂

    • jon Says:

      The worst part, Cheadle probably doesn’t care. In normal people, a shame factor would result, causing the individual to examine themselves and the hypocritical behavior in which they’ve just been exposed as having engaged in. Cheadle is comforted in the fact that the only people who would be aware of the twitter exchange and care about it are politicos — those who are set in their ways anyway and would either fall on the side of Spector’s argument or Cheadle’s and won’t change their views either way.

      The dishonesty of the MSM and those among them like Cheadle is getting out to average Canadians but it’s still going to be many years before the inevitable “tipping point” occurs. Unless Cheadle is in complete denial, he must know this. So far, though, the SNN is the best and only vehicle really to expose the hypocrisy of such “journalists” to the public.

  2. E Mac Says:

    Cheadle – The poster boy of imbeciles.

  3. LynnS Says:

    Well, they are not known for their nuance when it comes to comparing someone who doesn’t know what to do with the boxes her eco-friendly shoes come in; and someone who advocates for human rights in Iran. I could make Cheadle a hat out of coat hangers. He could channel his buddies at the press gallery or even call the mothership at the Toronto Star with the power of his thoughts.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Gawd, what’s wrong with these idjits? They need to go to the nearest hen house and report on hen scratchings.

  5. Jean Croton Says:

    Journalists, especially the ones in Ottawa, are the new Clueless Class.

    A very narrow minded crew of self serving dimwits.

    They make our politicians look good in comparison.

  6. Bill Brasky Says:

    The media party was desperately hoping they could “report” Carney into accepting the job as Leader of their “natural” governing party. No way were they going to say anything even remotely unflattering about their saviour in waiting.

    Did anyone watch the Craptional last night on this topic ? It was pretty comical hearing one of the AI panel say they had learned more about Carney in two days from the British media then they had learned about Carney here in the past two years. You would think somewhere that might have a set a bell or two off….but not a CBC central….

  7. National Post’s John Ivison exposed his own huge conflict of interest « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] of Canada Governor Mark Carney’s “eco-warrior” wife same as the British press did (see here) – it turns out Carney is best buds with some of our media […]

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