Another 6 months will go by before Liberal senator with dementia retires


Taxpayers are suppose to be proud of Bob Rae and the Liberals now that they announce Liberal Senator Joyce Fairbairn will ‘retire’ Jan 18 2013? (see here)

And the Conservatives are not much better for allowing the Liberals to get away with this disgusting sham for so long.

Also: For background on this (see here)


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  1. Sandy Says:

    Dean, January 18, 2013 is only a month and a bit away????? Am I missing something?

  2. Crawford Kilian Says:

    I think you mean “6 weeks,” not “6 months.”

    • BC Blue Says:

      No, she stepped down in August citing medical leave and both the Liberals and Conservatives knew for 2 years prior that she was ill and mentally incompetent.

  3. Blame Crash Says:

    November 30th to January 18th doesn’t add up to six months but even a single day more is a bloody disgrace especially when you consider that she didn’t represent Albertans in the first place. She was appointed by that piece of turd named Trudeau in nineteen bloody eighty four! That’s 28 years of total misrepresentation. What a bloody disgrace these rotten Liberals are!!

  4. David Roberts Says:

    My sympathies go out to Ms Fairburn but she should have stepped down years ago to make way for the several democratically elected senators-in-waiting from Alberta. She along with the other appointed senators from Alberta need to step aside as soon as possible to make way for the people hundreds of thousands of Albertans selected to represent them.

  5. Crawford Kilian Says:

    Speaking as one who taught writing for 41 years, and has written a bit himself, I suggest that you might have specified your starting date for being scandalized. Look at your own headline and ask yourself what it means. That’s just part of the craft of communication and clinching your argument.

  6. Bec Says:

    I don’t know how I feel about this one when it comes to the political aspect. I hate thinking that the Liberals have made this political and that the Conservatives have obliged by not acting, however that is how it appears.

    I do recognize from personal experience that having someone ‘declared’ is not an easy task but once that person is deemed, they have been incompetent for quite some time and have participated in decisions that they should not have made. (which was our challenge).
    The players in this situation KNEW and as in our complicated situation, OTHERS are motivated for their own reason to not have a person declared. The person that this has happened to is unaware but the people pulling the strings (sometimes purse), DO.

    So I agree, shame on the LPoC.

  7. Guffman Says:

    Seems in everyone else’s english (including mine), “will go by” indicates a future tense… “will have gone by” would have saved you some comments 😉
    Otherwise, like yourself and everyone else here, I’m disgusted by this sham as well, and Bob Rae has no shame.

  8. marryt Says:

    who will replace her, my choice Preston Manning

  9. marryt Says:

    I forgot, we have a list of elected senators in waiting, just can’t name them now.

  10. marryt Says:

    Doug Black, a Calgary lawyer and the chairman of the University of Calgary’s board of governors, won one of the three slots.

    Scott Tannas, who owns a financial services firm based in High River, was also successful.

    And Mike Shaikh — chairman of the Calgary Police Commission — narrowly defeated Wildrose candidate Raymond Germain for the third Senator-in-waiting position.
    These are the choices to replace Joyce. She was a friend of my sister/law in university and has remained friends with the whole family till now. Sorry to see her suffer from this disease.

    • Bec Says:

      Indeed. That too is my challenge when dissecting this whole issue but to be frank, this disease is obvious in it’s early stages to friends, family members and co-workers so to know that a ‘lawmaker’ wasn’t tagged to at least not be present during critical, national decisions isn’t comforting to me, a voter and taxpayer. The pc (politically correct) mantra simply stinks most of the time for me but in particular, this one.

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