Who needs to fact-check when you’re the Canadian Press?

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This CP story caught my eye the other day because I know the person it was about:

BC man sues Wal-Mart after heater starts fire, house burns down (see here)

Now CP is the largest news service in Canada with clients such as Postmedia, CBC, CTV, Global, T Star etc so when they do a story it gets massive cross-country coverage and you would think the reporters always call the person to verify right?

Except they don’t:

The former mayor and current Coldstream councilor Gyula Kiss says the media has made a mistake, and that he is not suing Walmart.

“There is nothing much I can tell you, because I did not file a lawsuit.This first thing that I heard about it is off the news.” (see here)

Is it really too much to ask?



Viciousness of Media Party exposed as they spread libel about Sun News’ Coren


I was tipped off last night to some very suspect video and audio recordings floating around the internet which were supposedly showing Sun News’ Michael Coren doing and saying some pretty horrible things.

But after putting the ‘story’ together, it really only proves just how malicious and vengeful some in the Media Party truly are.

I decided it’s probably best to just post the clips, Coren’s explanations, and the Media Party members’ reactions.

1st YouTube clip:

Coren – “I’m responding to the control room in my ear making fun of me. Nothing to do with Muslim prayer. The shooting is edited in later. Badly.”

Globe and Mail’s Tabatha Southey:



Macleans’ Martin Patriquin:



Star’s Antonia Zerbisias:


2nd YouTube clip:

Coren – Thanks again guys. Comforting how few people believe the libels – had mere handful of attacks. The same people as always. Lots of hatred.

Thanks for all the support. Fear not – edited & out-of-context off-camera clips fool nobody. It shows we’re getting to them. Bless you.

News aggregate National Newswatch which mainly features anti-Conservative articles and columns:


3rd YouTube clip:

Coren – “I end each show with a salute. Someone said it could be mistaken for the Nazi one. I said no; showed off camera what the Nazi one was like.”

“It’s probably a fired employee with a grudge. No sensible person will believe. Dad’s family were Polish Jews; I give a lot of Nazi salutes!”

Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor:


Mike Barber ex-reporter and editor for Postmedia and The Mark



A few people had better hope Coren isn’t in a litigious mood huh?




First Nation U of Vic professor calls journo “racist prick”


This vitriolic hatred and race-baiting directed at the National Post’s John Ivison comes from University of Victoria full professor Taiaiake Alfred:

“Theresa Spence is not “hapless” you racist prick. And since when do you or the Nazional Post give a damn about our wellbeing?”

Who then threatens Ivison:

“Big is right. If you disrespect Theresa Spence again you’re liable to have your immigrant ass kicked all the way back to Scotland.”

“Have you never been forced into a reckoning with another man for slanders or insults you’ve hurled? Well, welcome to our country.”

* See more of their online exchange here

Think about this guy teaching and moulding young minds.

Update: Alfred sent me this gem

“Spineless freaks: back to your x-rated Ayn Rand comix. Btw, in real life she was hideous, and ugly too”

Sun News’ David Akin outs the Press Gallery bullies

paul wells pigtails

In a fascinating piece on Brian Lilley’s show Byline (see here), David Akin gives us his insight into how the media pack mentality works in Ottawa and how some within the Press Gallery actively pressure fellow journos:

“…you get a lot of bullies in the [media] pack…” (apx 1:30 mark)

“Paul Wells never shows up at press conferences…Paul, respond to Macleans’ readers and don’t be bullying  journos…” (apx 4:15 mark)

This of course flies in the face of media insiders who hate when I expose these little cliques like what happened last night after I chastised the BC media for first refusing to report on Christy Clark liking being called a MILF (see here) and then when it finally did appear (see here) the Liberal media shills started running defense for her (see here).

Here’s an example from last night:

Adam Stirling: Victoria radio host until a couple months ago. From his Twitter bio “Taking a break from being on radio & TV, but I still like to joke around on twitter”

“That’s right Dean. It’s all a conspiracy. A big huge conspiracy. That’s why there’s never been a negative news story about Clark”

Then in chimes Global’s Keith Baldrey:

“good luck dealing with that guy, who seems to be struggling with very serious anger-management issues.”

And then responds to another ex-radio journo:

“Thank you! He’s irrational! @BrettMineer: @Adam_Stirling I blocked Skoreyko like a year ago for chronic illogicality…”

I won’t post the lengthy back-and-forths but wanted to show a perfect example of these media packs and the bullies within who have no qualms about publicly and personally smearing someone who dares criticizes them.

baldrey clark




Sarnia police officer joins in First Nation railroad blockade

At least now we know why the Sarnia Police won’t enforce the court injunction against this Ontario First Nation railroad blockade.

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