National Post’s John Ivison exposed his own huge conflict of interest


At least we now know why the Canadian media had refused to delve into Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney’s “eco-warrior” wife same as the British press did (see here) – it turns out Carney is best buds with some of our media ‘elite’.

I had originally missed the real meaning of this line from the National Post’s John Ivison’s glowing and extremely political column on  Carney:

It would have looked like he was quitting, and anyone who has faced Mr. Carney across a tennis net knows he is no quitter (see here)

Until I read this tweet by Norman Spector this morning:

! “He’s one of the guys,” said John Ivison who plays tennis with [Mark Carney] on Sunday mornings

And included from Spector, was a link to a British pay-wall protected article (see here)

This is a very serious breach of journalism ethics in my book and shows just how the Ottawa Press pick-and-choose who and what they will report depending on personal relationships.

We also now know why the National Post journo ‘elites’ have been pushing Bob Rae so hard while having cosy dinners with him (see here)

Ivison – “He [Carney] was deadly serious about moving into politics and would have done so had Bob Rae stayed on as Liberal leader”

Think about what that says – this is evidence that the media is actively manipulating who they want to be Prime Minister by contriving media coverage.

Update: I have just confirmed that this tweet from Spector is about Macleans’ Paul Wells

! Mr Wells noted that his friend [Mark Carney] “has on occasion been ahead of the Government on economic policy


6 Responses to “National Post’s John Ivison exposed his own huge conflict of interest”

  1. Robbie Says:

    Is this a manipulative form of quantatative meassage easing or just a clumsy, no so cleverly hidden version of neo-comm Pravada? Makes me wonder. Thanks for pointing out the huge conflict, and how little we know. Time to report on the reporters? Turn the spotlight on them?

  2. Liz J Says:

    Sad. I thought better of Ivison.

    Wonder if Carney got outta town, so to speak, because he really is a Liberal and couldn’t stand the pressure from his “friends” to enter politics? At least he’s smart enough to recognize the anatomy of a coronation is being drawn up Liberal land and maybe he better leave it for another day.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    So what else is new? Conflicts of interest, nepotism, hypocrisy, all al of these qualities are business as usual for the holier-than-thou elitists of the media. These scum bags dump on everyone else for the crimes they themselves wallow in but never a whisper about it when THEY engage in such behavior.

    There are numerous reasons why journalists are one of the most hated single groups in society.

  4. Lloyd Snauwaert Says:

    Ivison had me fooled…or at least wondering. OTOH it’s interesting that Carney thought the Governor of The Bank of England was a better prospect than the leader of the LPC. Last time I looked the U.K. is circling the bowl.

  5. Sean M Says:

    Well now we know why the media was championing (encouraging) Carney as the new Liberal leader, he’s one of the gang. Now they’re relegated to selling the bigoted substitute drama teacher with the convenient name… Are there any people more dishonest and despised than media propagandists? Good luck selling the shiny turd.

  6. Bombshell: Lawrence Martin agreed to write column promoting Mark Carney as Liberal leader « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] Also: See earlier post on how Carney is friends with Macleans’ Paul Wells and the National Post’s John Ivison here […]

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