Liberal government lawyer caught giving a false affidavit during BC Rail trial

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Tell me how this Liberal government lawyer still has a job or is even allowed to continue practising law after admitting he swore out a false affidavit during the Basi-Virk BC Rail trial:

Last year Mr. Butler filed an affidavit with court in which he stated “the Government never received copies of any statement of account or supporting information,” from the lawyers reviewing the bills from Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk.

Mr. Butler acknowledged that he also told Mr. Virk and Mr. Virk’s lawyer that he never saw any of their detailed billing records.

But in a new affidavit filed Monday he said that information was simply wrong. (see here)

This BC Liberal government is rotten to its core.


Global BC’s top journo slags Royal couple about their pregnancy announcement

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This is the media that we have to put up with here in BC.

Todau from Keith Baldrey who is Global TV’s Victoria bureau chief:

A wealthy British woman has gotten pregnant, prompting delerium in the media (see here)

You’ll notice other journos like the Globe and Mail’s Rod Mickelburgh chiming in with his snark as well.


Macleans’ Wherry first Media Party member to run cover for Trudeau’s Gun-Registry hypocrisy

barton wherry

Macleans Magazine’s Aaron Wherry:

So is this a flip-flop? I’m not sure. It sort of depends on what Mr. Trudeau means by “as it was” and “failure.” (see here)

Haven’t a clue how Wherry even has a job unless as it would be as a NDP or Leftie Liberal’s PR flack.

Also: See earlier post where Trudeau admits having his guns stolen from an unoccupied summer home here

Update: Trudeau digs himself even deeper today “I voted to keep the firearms registry a few months ago and if we had a vote tomorrow I would vote once again to keep the long-gun registry,” (see here)

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