Global BC’s top journo slags Royal couple about their pregnancy announcement

baldrey clark

This is the media that we have to put up with here in BC.

Todau from Keith Baldrey who is Global TV’s Victoria bureau chief:

A wealthy British woman has gotten pregnant, prompting delerium in the media (see here)

You’ll notice other journos like the Globe and Mail’s Rod Mickelburgh chiming in with his snark as well.



5 Responses to “Global BC’s top journo slags Royal couple about their pregnancy announcement”

  1. Sean M Says:

    Well, besides Baldry being an incompetent, corrupt, inept, lazy “reporter”… he;s also an anti British bigot, who hates the historical British influence of Canada. Just another media pip squeak, closet marxist who wants to tear it all down… easier to manipulate that way.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Meanwhile Global runs all kinds of celebrity ‘news’ stories. It’s called being gracious when someone is having a child not even to mention that the baby is in line to be on the throne.

  2. billg Says:

    Maybe I can help Baldry with another line.
    Wealthy drama teacher runs for Liberal leadership prompting delerium and fawning in the media. This is fun.

  3. Alain Says:

    The same old, the same old pretend reporters/journalists thinking that their personal opinions are worthwhile and of interest. Another loser.

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