Macleans’ Wherry first Media Party member to run cover for Trudeau’s Gun-Registry hypocrisy

barton wherry

Macleans Magazine’s Aaron Wherry:

So is this a flip-flop? I’m not sure. It sort of depends on what Mr. Trudeau means by “as it was” and “failure.” (see here)

Haven’t a clue how Wherry even has a job unless as it would be as a NDP or Leftie Liberal’s PR flack.

Also: See earlier post where Trudeau admits having his guns stolen from an unoccupied summer home here

Update: Trudeau digs himself even deeper today “I voted to keep the firearms registry a few months ago and if we had a vote tomorrow I would vote once again to keep the long-gun registry,” (see here)


6 Responses to “Macleans’ Wherry first Media Party member to run cover for Trudeau’s Gun-Registry hypocrisy”

  1. Pissedoff Says:

    He must have been taking lessons from Clinton, the other lefty lunatic.

  2. Martin Says:

    the story mentions Trudeau voting for the registry in Sept 2010, but the final vote which eliminated the registry was on Feb 2012. If he was in the House, presumably he voted with the Liberals to retain the registry. That makes two times at least that he sided with the status quo gun legislation.
    It is very difficult for him to say now that he opposes a registry; he could have voted against his party as the 2 NDP MPs did and accepted the consequences.

  3. David Roberts Says:

    Trudeau clearly must have changed his mind in the past few months due to the reams of new information that have come out about the ineffectiveness of the gun registry since February 2012… er ah whatever.

  4. Jen Says:

    Look out for Trudeau’s comment to his flip flops ” IT IS TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT”
    The pretzel media are twisted that they have no clue where they stand with the liberals and NDP.

  5. WTF Says:

    He was for it before he was against it. Where have we heard that before? 😉

  6. Joseph Says:

    The golden rule being demonstrated is that during the liberal leadership campaign, otherwise known as the next great train wreck, is that the first liberal or media person that figuratively attacks Justin, will in turn be treated like fresh meat thrown to a pack of wolves.
    So naturally, there is a circling of the wagons. Media types will be twisting what we saw and heard to tell us what Justin really said, and other liberals will be parroting Justins “logic” so that they avoid being attacked by other liberals.
    The rule is: first liberal that attacks justin, gets it.

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