BC Conservative leader Cummins polling at a brutal 7%

bc conservatives cummins

The latest Ipso-Reid poll has the BC Conservative Party in the single digits at 9% – just barely ahead of what BC voters think of their leader John Cummins as premier (see here).

At what point does the party membership demand Cummins steps down and take his Disciples with him?


Conservative Senator Duffy says Citizen’s McGregor smearing him as payback for past lawsuit

mcgregor maher

Things just got very interesting with this email from Conservative Senator Mike Duffy about the story on him done by the Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor:

If this comes up, I want you to know the attached story is smear on me from that former Frank employee, Glen MacGregor. (Remember my successful lawsuit against them?) (see full email here)

McGregor sure seems to have had a lot of run-ins with people over the years.  Stay tuned.

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