Too much to ask for CBC’s O’Malley to not flat-out lie?

If a journalist will misrepresent, exaggerate or lie when the subject matter is relatively minor, one has to wonder when they are ever being truthful.

Case in point is the verbal exchange yesterday in the House between Conservative MP Peter Van Loan and the NDP’s Nathan Cullen and Thomas Mulcair where the Ottawa Press Gallery repeatedly called it a “scrap” (see here), “near-brawl” (see here), “bench clearing brawl” (see here) and “brawl” (see here).

And then of course we also got this lie from CBC’s resident tweeter Kady O’Malley:

“Also, the speaker has indicated that he may return to the House with further thoughts on the fisticuffs”

Pretty cut-and-dry what “fisticuffs” are defined at: A fight with the fists

It’s like the media don’t know or care that we also saw the video of what actually happened.

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