Too much to ask for CBC’s O’Malley to not flat-out lie?

If a journalist will misrepresent, exaggerate or lie when the subject matter is relatively minor, one has to wonder when they are ever being truthful.

Case in point is the verbal exchange yesterday in the House between Conservative MP Peter Van Loan and the NDP’s Nathan Cullen and Thomas Mulcair where the Ottawa Press Gallery repeatedly called it a “scrap” (see here), “near-brawl” (see here), “bench clearing brawl” (see here) and “brawl” (see here).

And then of course we also got this lie from CBC’s resident tweeter Kady O’Malley:

“Also, the speaker has indicated that he may return to the House with further thoughts on the fisticuffs”

Pretty cut-and-dry what “fisticuffs” are defined at: A fight with the fists

It’s like the media don’t know or care that we also saw the video of what actually happened.


17 Responses to “Too much to ask for CBC’s O’Malley to not flat-out lie?”

  1. Jen Says:

    Kady is a robot.. controlled by the CBC hq. What we and her see on the same screen she on the other hand is telling her indoctrinated people a different story.

  2. marryt Says:

    Was there this much fuss when PET used the same word in the HofC and the media said he said, fuddle duddle. Libs did it first.

  3. Brett Says:

    When have the PPG ever let the truth stand in the way of a good smear?

  4. Brett Says:

    And calling Katy O’Munster a “journalist” really is a tad charitable don’t you think?

  5. MadMacs of Bytown Says:

    With one thumb tied behind her back….ultimate twitting.

  6. Stan Says:

    Give Kady a break, after all she can’t be expected to understand three sylable words like fisticuffs or wheelbarrow.

  7. Ontario Girl Says:

    On At Issue, Mansbridge called it the almost” punch-up” on the floor.
    Bruce Anderson said Van Loan is the Cons.” Bare Nuckle Brawler.”
    The whole time used up on this nothing thing…even Rex Murphy did his piece on it, conveniently leaving out the part of the video where Van Loan was kneeling down, which doesn’t look like any” aggressive” stance to me.
    So much left out…a Liberal said MulCair esculated the argument. The same MulCair who attempted to climb over the desks, to get at a Conservative when the NDP were the fourth party.
    Too bad Katy doesn’t mention the fact that the NDP were the worst ones in the HOC along with Ignatieff.
    Where’s the tape of Charlie Angus shooting off his trap every day.

  8. Brian Mouland Says:

    Yelling and finger wagging does not constitute a fight quit lying Kady the whole incident was on TV. Cullen was not touched

  9. S Paradise Says:

    Good lord…..the Conservatives act like complete buffoons, and make mockery of the house……..and you’re going to nit-pick over the use of “fisticuffs”? Your outrage is unbelievably misplaced.

  10. Bubba Brown Says:

    Kady does not “do” “news” she writes “storys” 140 characters or less.
    Once upon a time in Ottawa kinda stuff.
    It is “Friction”

  11. Jen Says:

    I guess Kady is unable to write about this story: Briian Lilley is by far a superior reporter, journalist than the whole lot or non-entities at the CBC compound. Not even Evan Solomon can do the job without first having to ask his masters first.

    CUPW runneth over: Taxpayers soaked for union’s pet projects and conferences 6


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