Postmedia posts libellous statement about Rob Ford being “drunk out of his tree”

rob ford libel drunk

It’s bad enough that Postmedia’s Marc Weisblott posted the gossip-page garbage about a supposed scandal that the Globe and Mail is apparently sitting on about Toronto mayor Rob Ford (see here) but you really have to wonder how someone who has been given the responsibility of putting content online for a major new organization like Postmedia could possibly think inserting something so obviously defamatory.

Notice that CBC Toronto wanted to get right into the mud wallow along with this Lawyer Without Borders George Gray asking him to send them a direct message.

Here you have 3 people (a lawyer and 2 journos) who are so blind about Ford that they can’t stop themselves.

Update: After some snark and me asking him to stop playing silly games, Weisblotts responded with this explanation

we didn’t remove it … the lawyer who posted it did, it was an embed … the other part was based on what W. Dinnick said on CBC

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