Ex-NDP MP candidate accused of ‘dangling’ BC NDP gov’t job to stop Green candidate from running


A very serious case of potential bribery is being thrown out by BC Green candidate Andrew Weaver on Twitter:

I was phoned up by Michael Byers. He said the provincial NDP would like me to step aside.

Talks about other ways I could be effective in an NDP government. Dangles the idea of my being Deputy Minister of the Environment

And then he talked about NDP potentially offering me Deputy Minister of Environment (see here)

Byers was a Vancouver area candidate for the federal NDP in 2008 and taught law at Duke University according to his Wiki entry (see here)

Being a legal scholar, Byers would know the legality of enticing someone with a job right?

Update: Byers is calling Weaver a liar (see here)

Update: In another news piece Byers is quoted as have being co-chair of Mulcair’s BC leadership campaign (see here)

Update: The BC NDP deny sending Byers to bribe Weaver with a job (see here)


CBC not only breaks own policy but also the law during underage drinking story


CBC Ombudsman Kirk LaPointe’s review of how CBC.ca had minors purchase alcohol at restaurants for an undercover story can be seen (here)

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