Ex-NDP MP candidate accused of ‘dangling’ BC NDP gov’t job to stop Green candidate from running


A very serious case of potential bribery is being thrown out by BC Green candidate Andrew Weaver on Twitter:

I was phoned up by Michael Byers. He said the provincial NDP would like me to step aside.

Talks about other ways I could be effective in an NDP government. Dangles the idea of my being Deputy Minister of the Environment

And then he talked about NDP potentially offering me Deputy Minister of Environment (see here)

Byers was a Vancouver area candidate for the federal NDP in 2008 and taught law at Duke University according to his Wiki entry (see here)

Being a legal scholar, Byers would know the legality of enticing someone with a job right?

Update: Byers is calling Weaver a liar (see here)

Update: In another news piece Byers is quoted as have being co-chair of Mulcair’s BC leadership campaign (see here)

Update: The BC NDP deny sending Byers to bribe Weaver with a job (see here)


13 Responses to “Ex-NDP MP candidate accused of ‘dangling’ BC NDP gov’t job to stop Green candidate from running”

  1. Robbie Says:

    Will this matter be a case of Byers remorse on a case of agent orange?

  2. Jean Croton Says:

    Weaver is a major player in the global warming scandal so truth for him might be an intangible commodity.

  3. dmorris Says:

    Agree,”jean crouton”.

    If Weaver can’t prove his allegations, say, via a taped recording of the phone call, he should stfu.

    This is a standard tactic of the Left, float an allegation that can’t be proved or disproved,and let the gossip mill take it’s course.

  4. wilson Says:

    Well Lizzy May;s Green candidates better get used to being asked not to run,
    and they can thank May for that, it is her idea to ‘co-operate’ with other noCon partys and only let one candidate run against a CPC candidate in 2015

  5. Jen Says:

    O/T, Trudeau the media’s darling refuses to answer questions. Apparently, it is NOT NOT A DUMB-ASS question which FIFE constantly the PM.

    Take a look
    Justin runs away from Sun reporter.

  6. dmorris Says:

    Jen, Trudeau didn’t “run away ” from that reporter, he ignored her completely while chatting to his associate, and made HER look the unreasonable media rat.

    Trudeau did exactly the right thing for a political candidate, he didn’t answer, acted like she wasn’t even there.

    I have no use for Trudeau, but he didn’t run away from anybody.

  7. Splendor Sine Occasu Says:

    According to Alex Tsakumis, it appears that Mr. Weaver is making it up, and Bill Good and CKNW ran with it. No doubt because it makes Christy Cluck look better..


    • BC Blue Says:

      Someone is lying…

      • Splendor Sine Occasu Says:

        Yup. Either that, or someone misunderstood what the other said and let their sense of self-importance get the better of them.

        Either way, it was shameful of CKNW to run with it based on one person’s accusation.

        • BC Blue Says:

          I had no issues with how the media covered it here in BC. The lack of national coverage is what concerned me. I’ll add though that CKNW has blocked me on Twitter so I maybe didn’t see everything they ran online.

  8. miles.lunn@hotmail.com Says:

    Didn’t a Liberal candidate try this in 2006 in Abbotsford? If he was involved, he should be disqualified from running under the NDP banner much like the federal Liberals did in 2006. Besides if the NDP has as big a lead as it does, we do they need to make those deals. Winning 50 seats is just as good as winning 70 seats in terms of passing legislation so seems more like the type of thing where they could snatch defeat from what seems to be an obvious victory. Not saying it didn’t happen, just saying it is incredibly stupid.

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