Yesterday’s US school shootings brought out the ghouls within the Canadian media

mason wright

During the immediate aftermath of the horrific school killings in Connecticut yesterday, I was sickened to watch how many members of the Canadian media started acting like vultures, jumping on their gun control political bandwagons.

In no way is it acceptable to ‘debate’ gun control the same day as all these children and teachers were murdered and especially when these journalists were doing it by trying to attack politicians here in Canada.

The one particular tweet that I couldn’t hold back responding was this from the Globe and Mail’s BC online editor Mason Wright directed at Safety Minister Vic Toews:

@ToewsVic can you kindly advise when is the time to discuss gun control? 

To which I jumped in:

You’re a ghoul. Try having a little decency @ToewsVic

Mason – what is indecent about wanting lives protected?

Me – Tell me how this US shooting has anything to do with CDN gun control except for you playing political games w it?

Mason – Note: I haven’t mentioned today’s shooting. Anyway I’m done. Try to have a nice day.

Me – Just a pure coincidence you immediately tweeted Toews about “discussing gun control”

Mason had also re-tweeted this just prior:

this is exactly the right fucking time to discuss gun control and if it bothers you, you can go straight to hell

Classy huh?

And to top it all off  Steve Murray from the National Post sends this to Mason about me:

block him. not worth your breath or mindspace.

That is how the Media Party reacts to criticism. They are allowed to express their ‘expertise’ on American gun laws but don’t you dare challenge them.




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