Yesterday’s US school shootings brought out the ghouls within the Canadian media

mason wright

During the immediate aftermath of the horrific school killings in Connecticut yesterday, I was sickened to watch how many members of the Canadian media started acting like vultures, jumping on their gun control political bandwagons.

In no way is it acceptable to ‘debate’ gun control the same day as all these children and teachers were murdered and especially when these journalists were doing it by trying to attack politicians here in Canada.

The one particular tweet that I couldn’t hold back responding was this from the Globe and Mail’s BC online editor Mason Wright directed at Safety Minister Vic Toews:

@ToewsVic can you kindly advise when is the time to discuss gun control? 

To which I jumped in:

You’re a ghoul. Try having a little decency @ToewsVic

Mason – what is indecent about wanting lives protected?

Me – Tell me how this US shooting has anything to do with CDN gun control except for you playing political games w it?

Mason – Note: I haven’t mentioned today’s shooting. Anyway I’m done. Try to have a nice day.

Me – Just a pure coincidence you immediately tweeted Toews about “discussing gun control”

Mason had also re-tweeted this just prior:

this is exactly the right fucking time to discuss gun control and if it bothers you, you can go straight to hell

Classy huh?

And to top it all off  Steve Murray from the National Post sends this to Mason about me:

block him. not worth your breath or mindspace.

That is how the Media Party reacts to criticism. They are allowed to express their ‘expertise’ on American gun laws but don’t you dare challenge them.





20 Responses to “Yesterday’s US school shootings brought out the ghouls within the Canadian media”

  1. Bocanut Says:

    The media party’s reacting just like their hero Justin does.When the going gets tough they both run away.

  2. fhl Says:

    Dean you are out of their scumbag league. I agree with your thoughts as expressed on your Blog about media ghouls. So disgusting to try to win political points on the backs of the families of the dead.

  3. Lyndia Says:

    Yes, you did the right move. I want to thank you for all of the writing. I wish I had been there.

  4. BDFT Says:

    Idiots. I stopped listening as soon as the Americans started “debating” gun control. The school was a gun free zone. Guns were banned. How much more gun control do they want?

  5. Brian Mouland Says:

    Trying to score brownie points on the dead bodies of 20 children. Typical MSM scumbag ploy

  6. Stan Says:

    Is that his ‘Kady O’Malley’ look, or it that ‘Blue Steel’ ala Zoolander?

    • john Says:

      I think it’s more of a Kady-O’malley-“Oh-Tee-Hee-Aren’t-I-Just-Such-A-Cutesy-Poo” face. Really are these a**holes THAT desperate for attention that they have to POSE every time someone has a camera nearby?

      Journaism school: The choice of the hoplessly self absorbed narcissist.

      Wow, just when you thought these low life pond slime couln’t suck any more…. THEY FIND A WAY.

  7. Guffman Says:

    All SO predictable…. instead of just blaming the crazy person who did this, lets try to find a way to blame society.
    When you’re a Liberal, you’re always just one more law away from fixing anything.

  8. anon Says:

    I don’t like guns. I would never own a gun as I don’t believe I need one. I do, however, know people who need them – mostly people living in isolated rural areas who must have a source of protection for themselves and for their livestock.

    The blame for these sorts of occurrences can’t solely be laid at the feet of firearm ownership.

    This is one mother’s anguished response to the tragedy:

    People like this mother need help in dealing with problems presented by their children that are, to say the least, overwhelming.

    I am the parent of a mentally disabled child. Thankfully one who is friendly, loving and happy as is inherent in his condition but I know so many others who struggle, on an hourly basis, to care for high needs children with very little support.

    It is worse once they leave school as at least while they are in school parents have some form of respite and the assistance provided by other adults involved in caring for their children.

    The real problem is the lack of services available for families living on the edge of crisis in dealing with mental health issues. The problems aren’t addressed as these people are invisible, that is, until tragedy strikes.

  9. Blame Crash Says:

    Firearms have been around for centuries and so has mental illness. But it’s only in the last 3 decades that this sort of mass killing of school children has occurred, at least with the frequency that it now happens. Firearms are being scapegoat-ed in order to protect the real culprit which is our rotten-to-the-core culture and society. The evidence of this is everywhere, but you’ll have to ignore the white noise that is being emitted by the media and pop culture peddlers in order to see it. This is just another example of the “society wreakers” pointing their crooked little fingers at others and blaming them for what they are especially guilty of.

  10. Chris W Says:

    Good for you. The statists have long been left unchecked in Canada. Denormalize them. Challenge their ‘logic’ and the ‘narrative’ they have developed on the issues. Show how truly pathetic they are.

  11. Liz J Says:

    Wonder what Conrad Black thinks of what has become of the National Post?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I think it is more the relevant to debate gun control. The reality is the US has the highest murder rate in the developed world. Canada, every European country, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan all have much stricter gun laws and significantly lower murder rates. While I realize gun control won’t stop all such massacres, see last year’s one in Norway, the evidence is quite strong that tougher gun control means fewer murders. I am not suggesting to ban all guns, but banning assault rifles and not allowing concealed carry weapons are common sense measures. I understand America’s love affair of guns and thus it is up to them to decide what they want to do, but I do think in Canada it is important every time these come up to discuss how to mitigate the chances and I believe reasonable gun control laws like banning assault weapons and limiting hand guns for target shooting are reasonable. I opposed the gun registry because it was wasteful and ineffective, but do not want to see Canada bring in the right to bear arms type laws. Guns are for killing and we don’t as a society need more them. I am all for freedom when it doesn’t interfere with others but more guns means more death which takes away others right to life.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Maybe you should start by defining the media-driven “assault rifle” before spouting off about banning them.

      • monkey Says:

        I mean semi automatic weapons that have large magazines that could fire multiple rounds. 10 rounds which is the limit in Canada is enough, you don’t need one with 100 rounds other than to kill many people. Those are for the military in war zones, not civilians.

  13. E Says:

    Gun control is a relevant issue. While I don’t believe it was in good taste to start yakking about it on the day of the tragedy, I believe that is simply a question of manners.
    Some people honestly believe that this is *exactly* the time to be talking about it, while everyone has the images of the innocents in their minds.
    We have freedoms in North America, and that gives individuals the right to voice their opinion/s. You’ve done that, you have the freedom to. Others have as well. Whether you believe that to be in bad taste is simply an opinion – one of many.
    Gun control, however, has been being discussed for years, and will inevitably come to the forefront as an issue when it plays an integral role in a horrible event in our history.
    Ranting about the manners of others is a tad defeatist – you know that this kind of thing happens.
    The more important thing is that we take actions to stop it from happening again.

  14. Mary Gerena Says:

    We must never mimic the USA….look at the hell-hole it has become. and we must not follow their so very liberal politics.

  15. john Says:

    Ok fine let’s have this precious debate on gun control. Here we go.

    Liberal – “Can we impose far greater restrictions on firearms”?

    Con – “No”.

    Liberal (outraged) “Why not?”

    Con – “Because we have a majority and you don’t, retard. Now F*** **f.”

    There! Got that done with quick. Have a nice day!

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