NDP MP Stoffer plays pool in his Parliamentary office with reporter during Question Period



If you want to see just how accustomed MPs get with their cosy Ottawa lifestyles, this ‘interview’ by Laura Stone of iPolitics of NDP MP Peter Stoffer is a must-read:

While his colleagues are shown on TV debating in the House, Peter Stoffer is in an adjacent room in his office, standing beside the pool table.

And he is tickling my ear with a puppet (see here)

Call me a stickler  but I sure wouldn’t want my MP hanging out with a reporter for 2 1/2 hours playing games while his caucus mates work.


16 Responses to “NDP MP Stoffer plays pool in his Parliamentary office with reporter during Question Period”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Looks like a real man cave he’s set up for himself. Quite a hat and button collection too.

  2. Fay Says:

    Wow ! The NDP are welcome to him!

  3. Dave B. Says:

    I don’t see a T.V.

  4. burton Says:

    Yup – Good ol’ Pete. Unfortunately for Mr.Stoffer the Gods of Google have determined that “flip flop” and “Pete Stoffer” are indeed synonymous.
    And as these things go, the vitriol and suggested remedies from his constituents are saved for the Youtube comments.

  5. Liz J Says:

    The Stoffer man cave looks like something Rick Mercer might like to put on his show. It sure doesn’t look much like an office of an MP in the Federal House.

  6. Rob C Says:

    The sad part is this dull turd probably does not think there is anything wrong with this performance .

  7. Jen Says:

    Question is ” why isn’t Stoffer at Question Period?”

  8. brothersmartmouth Says:

    It can’t be a NDP sanctioned table. It has tight pockets (leather lined), not a trough.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    if this is the office of one of the dipper adults,it would be interesting to see what the dipper kids have done with theirs.

    • Liz J Says:

      Good one! I wonder if he realizes how clueless he looks?
      I come back to look at this parliamentary “office” and the pensive/clueless look on it’s “occupant” for a chuckle,
      However, when an MP makes a cozy den surrounding himself with memorabilia and a pool table in a government office to hang out/hole up in the jokes on us!

  10. Bec Says:

    I have to say, I am gob-smacked with how tacky this office looks to say nothing of how pitiful this behaviour was.
    I cannot imagine a high ranking professional (that is what an MP should be, right?), in any business setting not showing up for a DAILY meeting but instead, insulting his bosses (tax payers) by behaving like an entitled lay-about.

    His office decor speaks volume’s but his behaviour turns that ‘volume’ up to headache level.

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