NDP’s Pat Martin loses it once again on Twitter

pat martin

A series of tweets from NDP MP Pat Martin:

First Nations were concerned ‘Youth for Christ’ would try to steal their children’s souls. Now building is empty…Vic Toews big project

All the money for inner city youth went to ‘Youth For Christ’, who are Vic Toews’ donors and buddies, now the bldg is all but empty.

Listen, I would never judge someone who screwed their babysitter for years or knocked up their secretary, so don’t ask me to. Respect…

This one was re-tweeted by Martin:

The good book says “love thy neighbor” not “pork thy babysitter” Toews has no value

And to someone warning him to ‘cool it’:

fuck you my friend. 🙂

Bipolar or drinks?

Also: See where Martin apologized (kind of) for bashing this Christian youth group two years ago here

Update: Bingo! You knew a libellous statement was coming:

These are truly bad people. They won their razor thin majority by cheating; Robocalls and who knows what else. American style dirty tricks.

I’m not ‘worked up’ so much as ‘fed up’ with the rat faced whores in the CPC who neglect to invite me to ancemnts in my riding


21 Responses to “NDP’s Pat Martin loses it once again on Twitter”

  1. Bec Says:

    Martin’s riding is a frightening place to be a guest in and has been for quite some time. Perhaps he should care ABOUT THAT instead of simply running his election from it?
    HIS ilk, run that province and have turned it into a gong show. Perhaps he should address THAT reality because with THEM, he does have influence and it just seems to get more depressing….and dysfunctional.

    BTW, I do hope he has another action filed against him because of this tirade. His compass does not really function all that well, it would seem.

    • Brett Says:

      He doesn’t even live there and I am sure the only time he sets foot there is during an election.

  2. Dave Westman Says:

    Should we expect anything but drivel from this individual of questionable mental stability? No, really, should we?

  3. jmw Says:

    Pat Martin and the NDP will never be guilty of having too much class.

  4. Liz J Says:

    This is the individual who is being sued for shooting his mouth off and passing the hat to raise money to pay for his costs?

    Too bad his leader doesn’t see fit to ask him to resign, he doesn’t appear to be living up to being called an “honourable” member of our parliament.

  5. mahmood Says:

    That crap is pretty much what you read in the CBC comments.

  6. Tsiehta Says:

    But what he did say about Towes and his baby sitter was correct even if his method of saying it could use some work. Towes has lost all respect and should never be in public office.

  7. old white guy Says:

    i think a little more Christ in their life would be a good thing.

  8. Jen Says:

    Pat Martin needs help medically. At least he flat out told Evan Solomon who remained quiet that “the liberals squandered 56Billion dollars from the E.I fund”. Unfortunately Evan Solomon imo, ignored the statement. but seem rather quick to shut up the cpc mps when they say something against the liberals.

  9. Fay Says:

    Pat Martin’s son Liam Martin is Manitoba Premier’s new chief of staff( appointed August 20/2012). The Winnipeg Free Pass will willingly protect Pat Martin from any and all criticism. Our Media in Manitoba, including the Brandon Sun only criticize our new PC leader and Stephen Harper.
    Manitoba is a big comfy couch for the NDP.

  10. Carole Says:

    A complete and utter loser…how can he possibly think he has any credibility… with exception of course of his complete and utter loser apologists.

  11. Michael Harkov Says:

    I honestly believe he cannot help himself. Wow.

  12. Liz J Says:

    Can anyone imagine a Conservative carrying on in such a manner without the MSM calling for their hide?
    Nah, it’s the old double standard at work.

    • Tsiehta Says:

      Maybe it’s because the Conservatives do it so much that it’s not news anymore.

      • bertie Says:

        Maybe its because of idiots like you Tsiehta and comments like yours that make no sense..

        • Tsiehta Says:

          Did it take you long to come up with that ad hominem attack. Making no wonder conservatives in general are considered by the majority of Canadians to be intellectually challenged. I know that I have used some big words, so I will give you some extra time to reply, you can use a book called a dictionary if you need help.

        • BC Blue Says:

          “Making no wonder…” Grammar is hard. Now go away.

      • carole Says:

        Seriously??? Name one Conservative MP who has even once been as vile, cruel, immature, vindictive, angry and childish as Pat? He needs help and you making excuses for this BS reflects poorly on your level of maturity. He needs help. Period.

  13. WTF Says:

    I vote Drinks. Bipolar people have a real disability. This guy is just an ****** IMHO of course.

  14. Brian Mouland Says:

    Hey Mulcair do something about this unbalanced freak he isnt helping you!

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