Bombshell: Lawrence Martin agreed to write column promoting Mark Carney as Liberal leader

Lawrence Martin

You don’t run across unethical journalistic admissions everyday like this one from Lawrence Martin:

In late September I got a call from a senior Liberal and long-time Carney friend. He came straight to the point. The party needed Carney and he wanted me to write a column boosting his leadership prospects.

But had he been talking to Carney? Did he have his okay to pursue this? Yes, he said. He did.

In late September I wrote a piece for iPolitics at the very end of which I raised, in a couple of paragraphs, the Carney possibility and the points the caller made. (see here)

Not only does Martin admit to being a shill for a Liberal leadership wannabee, this puts the lie to Mark Carney was not actively seeking the job.

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