Christy Clark says on air that she likes being called a MILF

christy clark MILF

How far can BC Liberal premier Christy Clark set female politicians back? When asked by a goofball radio interviewer:

“Andrew from Comox wants to know what it’s like being a MILF?”

Clark responded with:

“I take that as a compliment – you know, it’s one of those things – better a MILF than a cougar” (listen to interview here)

For those who don’t know what a MILF is, it’s a well-known abbreviation for Mother I’d Like to Fuck

Yup, that’s our premier here in BC.

You’ll remember when she (along with the media) ripped into gazillionaire Richard Branson for asking Clark to go naked kite-sailing:

“Lots of young women I hope want to run for politics.  I think when you meet with the CEO of a billion dollar company who wants to do business with your province, you can get a little bit more respectful treatment than that.” (see here)

Turns out Branson had her pegged all along.

h/t AGT

Update: It appears that the radio station has now pulled the interview off its site. I’ve asked the reason and will follow up.

The audio can still be found at this link here

The radio station has posted a very lame reason for pulling the interview off its site (see here)

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