Massive blow-back against Canadian media for choosing Magnotta as “Newsmaker of the year”


Oh boy, is the Canadian media ever taking it on the chin right now for naming “Canadian Psycho” Luka Magnotta as their choice for “Newsmaker of the Year”. (see here)

I don’t recall any other issue that has caused such a quick and complete back-lash against the establishment media as this.

You’ll remember how it was all fun and games for these same media when they went after Labbatts for objecting to being associated with Magnotta. (see here)


16 Responses to “Massive blow-back against Canadian media for choosing Magnotta as “Newsmaker of the year””

  1. Liz J Says:

    What kind of insanity is this? A criminal psycho being chosen as “Newsmaker of the Year” makes one cringe. Most of us have nightmares even thinking about the reports of what he’s been accused of let alone dwelling on them by giving him some more glory. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled.
    It’s sick and sickening.

  2. Dirt Says:

    Glamourizing a homicidal maniac, they’ve been doing that for the past week via the massacre. Guess they’re in blood shed mode?

  3. old lady Says:

    You can find the outrage everywhere, on Libblogs as well as on Conservative sites. Here’ one issue we all seem to agree on.

    old lady

  4. Harold Stothart Says:

    The media in this country sure is sick. I wonder how they live with themselves.

  5. Robert Connon Says:

    If it bleeds it leads. What a sad bunch of so called “journalists”

  6. frances10 Says:

    I would say that the crowd who voted this in are bottom feeders, except that the latter serve a useful purpose.

  7. fhl Says:

    Web definitions
    newsmaker “One whose actions make the headlines of news reports; one who effects the course of public discourse.”
    perhaps we need to examine the criteria MSM use
    the choice they made is thoroughly disgusting

  8. Blame Crash Says:

    Yes! They really showed themselves for who they really are. I like it when they do that. But you have to admit that their stunning stupidity looks absolutely spectacular on them.

  9. marryt Says:

    This just shows how sick the msm is, especially those who voted for this murderer.

    • Jen Says:

      Can you imagine what the family of Magnola’s victim must be thinking? That we have sickos as media reporters.

  10. Bec Says:

    Ah, FINALLY, Canadians have done it. They have made sure that the out of touch, useless media have to look in the mirror and see what we see, IDIOTS!

  11. james Says:

    After their glee over the school shootings in the US why is anyone surprised? These people cause these things in the first place by giving these creeps what they crave. Magnotta is smiling ear to ear right now.

    • Jen Says:

      The media should have only address the news of the ‘BRUTAL’ murder the killer’s name and leave it at that.
      Your are right james, Magnola is smiling from ear to ear while the victim’s family weeps.

  12. Brian Mouland Says:

    This puke deserves nothing other than a bullet in the head

    • milt w Says:

      He does but the use of a gun to euthanize this POS would than be turned into another anti gun rant by media. Now just to be politically correct and make Justin happy why not have him draw a picture of MO the pervert and set him loose at justines T. next speech?supply the stones so it is done in proper style to.

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