Two US firefighters shot and killed – CBC national affairs editor mocks NRA

chris hall

What goes through the mind of journalists like the CBC’s Chris Hall that besides showing his obvious bias on gun control, he thinks it’s appropriate to tweet this immediately after two New York firefighters were killed (see here) and two others wounded attending a house fire:

Another shooting tragedy in the US. I suppose the NRA will now suggest having armed guards at all burning homes (see here)

I reminded Hall that it was Bill Clinton who brought in an armed security policy after the Columbine killings but I’m pretty sure facts won’t get in the way of his classless jab at the NRA.



13 Responses to “Two US firefighters shot and killed – CBC national affairs editor mocks NRA”

  1. milt w Says:

    I keep hearing these idiots blame the NRA but can not understand the warped reasoning. That is similar to blaming the Pope for every sex pervert that molests a child. Every car crash is the fault of GM or FORD etc.
    Blame the person who does the act not whatever tool they use to do it..

  2. Chris Says:

    Hall is a dork. Typical metro Toronto attitude. Typical CBC. I hate them both. I bet he giggled as he wrote that while his mocha latte frapachino cooled on the stylish faux marble table top cafe table inside the Starbucks as the snow fell gently on the sluchy Toronto streets, perhaps the new mayor will call in the Army to remove it so that Hall-boy won’t stain his shirts with perspiration… oh wait soldiers have guns…. …..

  3. Joe Says:

    What the stringent gun laws of New York failed to prevent a shooting? That’s impossible!

  4. Bec Says:

    I have to wonder what this guy would have tweeted when a Canadian nutcase ambushed 4 RCMP Officers in Northern Alberta if the tool were used then for this instant moment of mindless satisfaction?.
    A normal thinking person would have the respect and personal self control to be quiet and wait for some info before shooting off at the mouth. There are families and friends who are devastated right now to say nothing of the sheer sadness of the timing. Perhaps those are the things a NORMAL Journo would consider if they were normal.

  5. Sean M Says:

    Hall not only shows what an ignorant POS he is… He also illustrates the fact that he and his other like minded media drones of the left don’t care one bit about the innocents being murdered. No, Hall and his media comrades only see the murders of innocents as a way to put forward their warped anti-gun ideology. As Hall and his fellow media travelers see things, “GUNS” are the problem, and thats it… they are so blinded by this scapegoat way of thinking that they are incapable of empathy for the victims, and willfully blind to any other reasons for the crime. It’s so monstrously stupid to blame a knife for a stabbing rather then the nutcase wielding the knife, but in the warped minds of the left, it’s the knifes fault. A great example of the colossal stupidity that haunts the “minds” of the corrupt MSM think alikes.

  6. ohboy Says:

    You want to get mad at these people,(useful fools), but what’s the point?

    They have grasped at an agenda to believe in and have so long ago imbibed the kool-aid .Now they hide in their self righteous wombs ,peering out at a world that they perceive ever more frightening every day… while they wear the complacent mask of superiority; hoping beyond all odds that they will not become collateral damage in their own brave new world.

  7. Sean M Says:

    It should also be noted that the deranged killer, Spengler, was banned by law from owning any weapons. Gee, and that didn’t stop him… but,but,but, the media said it would. Oh well, the media probably don’t blame Spengler for the killings, they blame the gun he used, bad gun… morons! Also, how many armed guards does it take to guard the school Ovomits kids attend? What about the armed guards posted at the schools of the media elite? The media hypocrites and the Pres. will, I’m sure, be disarming these guards immediately. Bloody hypocrites!

  8. Brian Mouland Says:

    Spengler was likely out of jail because of another progressive lawyer jam your bias up your butt Hall!

  9. Alain Says:

    In today’s Townhall there is an excellent piece written by Thomas Sowell on ignorant people lecturing others on what they themselves know nothing. That does seem to be the trend today.

  10. terrence Says:

    It seems he was in jail for beating his 92-year-old paternal grandmother to death with a hammer in 1980 – WE MUST BAN ALL HAMMERS, OR AT LEAST CONTROL THEM, RESTRICT THEIR USE, REGISTER THEM

  11. andycanuck Says:

    And I’m sure the MSM going ape over the Newtown shooter hasn’t encouraged the three or four multiple shootings that have happened since either.

  12. marryt Says:

    How many mass shooters have been NRA members. None I can think of. Solution, force everyone to join the NRA, problem solved. lol

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