CBC employees see no problem pimping ‘Idle No More’ protest

Jian Ghomeshimccue

If CBC reporter for The National Duncan McCue or CBC TV/radio host Jian Ghomeshi want to promote a political cause such as the Idle No More protest on Twitter, they should be at least doing it from a private account:

@jianghomeshi If you care to learn more about the IdleNoMore movement this is a good online destination…

@duncanmccue Beautiful piece on #IdleNoMore by @NaomiAKlein MT The Blessing of #Indigenous Sovereignty

You’ll notice both Ghomeshi and McCue have their CBC affiliations posted on their Twitter bios (see here and here) and don’t get me started on what a load of untruthful crap Klein’s op-ed was (see here) but the real question is why these two are advocating for this protest while collecting cheques from taxpaying Canadians?

7 Responses to “CBC employees see no problem pimping ‘Idle No More’ protest”

  1. andycanuck Says:

    Simple solution; we’ll take the CBC budget and give it to Native groups. I’m sure they’ll be onside with that.

  2. Brian Mouland Says:

    Leeches of a feather hang together

  3. Ontario Girl Says:

    CBC wouldn’t post my comment about this article that was reported in MacLeans about the hunger strike turning into a “send money for the soup bank”. Comments not in support of Chief spends.

    • Jen Says:

      Must be for the Fish Broth and tea that she chief spence, was living off during her famous ‘hunger strike.

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