Millionaire Trudeau meets millionaire Spence to discuss First Nation poverty

trudeau spence

Let me get this straight – Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence refuses to meet with the minister of aboriginal affairs and a senator but holds ‘audience’ (see here) with a 3rd party wannabe leader?

Also: It’s been pointed out to me that Trudeau is wearing a very expensive coat from Canada Goose in this photo which apparently sells for $600. Irony much?


6 Responses to “Millionaire Trudeau meets millionaire Spence to discuss First Nation poverty”

  1. Fred Ziffel Says:

    …looks like the hunger strike has a ways to go yet at well

  2. Liz J Says:

    At this point Justin T is merely an MP representing a Quebec riding who seems to think he’s got some real power. Certainly appears he has put himself in training to lead the LPC and all of Canada by showing up for photo-ops at every opportunity.

    If he thinks Canadians think Indian Chiefs like Spence should be handed more and more money from taxpaying Canadians without accounting for how it is spent he’s out of the loop. Most of us are fed up with Liberals spouting off about Indian affairs when they did squat over all their years in power.

  3. Jen Says:

    Imo I write: Justin to staving Chief Spence “Not to worry Chief Spence, the Trudeau’s wealth and the NDP wealth would GLADLY support you even though Attawapiskat have De BEERS Mine which can sustain ATTAWAPISKAT people for years.”

    Let the NDP support them since they ndp like to use the innocent natives as crutch for their campaigning policy.
    In truth, the NDP would sooner talk about your bank account than they would about the expenditure or the amount of money pocketed by chief Spence.

  4. Mlt w Says:

    Hunger strike- she better make an application for weight watchers as a back up. As for justin why is a quebec mp poaching on an Ont. mp’s turf. Is this the start of a divorce? As for justin’s coat expensive , of cpourse it was it is after all justin the other treudeu sitting there in the wild outdoors.r

  5. dmorris Says:

    Did anyone here see the article where Chief Bill Erasmus says that if Teresa Spence starves to death, ““With one million indigenous people in Canada and 450 million indigenous people in the world, it may not be safe for the prime minister,” Erasmus stated in the e-mail.”

    From the

    A thinly-veiled threat against the PM. I believe that if the truth about Indian Band management ever comes out in full detail, some Indian Chiefs may also be “not safe”.

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