First Nation U of Vic professor calls journo “racist prick”


This vitriolic hatred and race-baiting directed at the National Post’s John Ivison comes from University of Victoria full professor Taiaiake Alfred:

“Theresa Spence is not “hapless” you racist prick. And since when do you or the Nazional Post give a damn about our wellbeing?”

Who then threatens Ivison:

“Big is right. If you disrespect Theresa Spence again you’re liable to have your immigrant ass kicked all the way back to Scotland.”

“Have you never been forced into a reckoning with another man for slanders or insults you’ve hurled? Well, welcome to our country.”

* See more of their online exchange here

Think about this guy teaching and moulding young minds.

Update: Alfred sent me this gem

“Spineless freaks: back to your x-rated Ayn Rand comix. Btw, in real life she was hideous, and ugly too”

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