First Nation U of Vic professor calls journo “racist prick”


This vitriolic hatred and race-baiting directed at the National Post’s John Ivison comes from University of Victoria full professor Taiaiake Alfred:

“Theresa Spence is not “hapless” you racist prick. And since when do you or the Nazional Post give a damn about our wellbeing?”

Who then threatens Ivison:

“Big is right. If you disrespect Theresa Spence again you’re liable to have your immigrant ass kicked all the way back to Scotland.”

“Have you never been forced into a reckoning with another man for slanders or insults you’ve hurled? Well, welcome to our country.”

* See more of their online exchange here

Think about this guy teaching and moulding young minds.

Update: Alfred sent me this gem

“Spineless freaks: back to your x-rated Ayn Rand comix. Btw, in real life she was hideous, and ugly too”


21 Responses to “First Nation U of Vic professor calls journo “racist prick””

  1. marryt Says:

    And we wonder why our students are not educated.

  2. BC Blue Says:

    Yvon Lamarche Says:
    December 29, 2012 at 9:05 AM edit

    Imagine Dean being a big brother and molding more little red necks.

  3. Brian Mouland Says:

    Overeducated A-Hole

  4. john Says:

    “And since when do you or the Nazional Post give a damn about our wellbeing?””

    Well, I don’t know about the National Post, but, speaking for myself? I don’t give a rat’s ass about thier well being or lack thereof. Never have, never will.

  5. john Says:

    “If you disrespect Theresa Spence again you’re liable to have your immigrant ass kicked all the way back to Scotland.”

    Ooooooo scary, a “tough guy”. Give me a break. I’m been disrespecting Spence for days now. What are you going to do about it? Call your lawyer? Bluuber to the courts? Waaaaaaaaaaaa.

  6. Alex Says:

    Maybe he’s drunk?

    • Lynn Says:

      I no longer have the willpower to maintain a steady diet of “whiteman guilt and shame”. Color me “Interested No More”.

    • john Says:

      Gasp! How dare you!!!!??

      You used the word “drunk” in reference to an aboriginal, native, indigeonous, first nations, original people ect ect ect. ect. ect. Indian!


      Mind you pretty much any time a caucasian doesn’t fall down & grovel before an indian blackmailer it is considered racism.

  7. ohboy Says:

    Twitter appears to be the ultimate “‘firewall’ for some mouthy unfortunates such as hotheaded mr alfred (the cool native professor).Try shooting from the mouth like that to some folks standing in front of you and you’re likely to need a good dentist mr professor.
    That being said,you mr alfred are no more qualified to teach young minds than is perhaps pat martin…your vitriol and thinly covered hate should immediately exclude you from such.
    And oh yes, that classy comment about Ayn Rand’s physical features was a real piece of work. Think whatever you will about her philosophy …and by all means reject it as you will…but to personally attack a woman who has been dead for thirty years ’cause you don’t like their looks…you sir are a fool and a sad one at that.

    • Maureen Says:

      So true! Anytime the response references some aspect of physical appearance they have proved that hey don’t want a discussion but for you to shut up an accept their position.

  8. Liz J Says:

    It’s too bad we have people with agendas and chips on their shoulders with professorial tenures in our universities but it’s all part of the Leftist creep we’ve sat back and watched for at least two decades.
    This person really should look in the mirror when he spouts a last refuge like “racist”. IMO it’s an attempt to proliferate or invite more hatred and raise more feathers.

  9. Fred from Canuckistan . . . Says:

    UVic must be so proud of having such a chucklehead on staff.

    Talk about being a racist prick . . . Look in the mirror there Professor.

  10. MikeSr Says:

    Looks like Alfie wants to be a Federal Politico

  11. Paul Says:

    From the looks of him, he looks like a guy that could get blown over by the wind. Wonder how many wedgies he took as a kid. Reminds me of Rick Moranis in “Streets of Fire”

  12. John West Says:

    I am a racist prick based on that I believe that only assimilation into the larger society can bring racial and social peace to our country. You cannot have various racial and cultural groups competing within a set of borders and expect any progress or sensible governance. I say to all Abo-throw-backs, with or without a university degree (a white mans creation) that you do yourselves a disservice by hating what amounts to your chief benefactors ….. pun intended.

    We really should end the Indian apartheid in Canada so that folks like Imam Taiaiake can enjoy his tenure without all the hatred and unhappiness that brings to ones life. Maybe re direct his efforts to literacy programs for the rest of the native population that desperately needs it.

  13. dmorris Says:

    This isn’t the least bit surprising.I debated,or at least tried to ,with Indian activists at DMB for years.

    When I challenged them to produce a business plan to demonstrate what they were going to do with the new billions they were demanding,to actually alleviate some of the suffering on the Rez’s,the usual reply was “**** you you racist bastard,we don’t have to tell you anything”.

    Because; they have NO plan,no ambitions,except to just keep taking more taxpayer’s money.

    As I told them then,they’d better get their act together because the gravy train is about to be derailed by the changing demographics in this Country.

    The immigrants I’ve spoken to, East Indian,Chinese,Eastern European,are quite amazed by our Indians,especially when they see the vast opportunities they have to make it in this Country, going to waste.

  14. Bec Says:

    You’d think that a FN member, who got out and found himself in the education stream would be more concerned about finding sensible, mainstream, 21st century solutions rather than behaving like a bully doofus. Not impressive at all to read this uncontrolled angry name calling and serious spelling errors? An Educator? Yikes!

    I’d want to think that someone like him, in the know and with these connections would use them for good reasons, for healthy, productive solutions…….such as WHY some reserves are managed like dictatorships? Or maybe he and others agree with dictatorships and communism type societies?

    I just think it’s clear, this is an ideology issue. Just look who they gravitate to for support……and they get it.

  15. Annony Moose Says:

    Guess I’m racist too, sheez and this is what passes for education and learning in our universities. No one is really asking the hard questions of these violent native protesters e.g. what exactly do you want? We might be surprised because in IMO they want all of Canada. We all can’t leave so what they really want is a trillion dollar (s) land lease agreement in perpetuity. It’;s time Canadian woke up to the real agenda here.

  16. Gary Marshall Says:

    Has he thought of running for the Liberal Party leader?


  17. Stewart Burnett Says:

    I missed the “Nazional” part at first. He basically infers the National Post has Nazi leanings and then threatens to have someone’s “immigrant ass kicked.” As I’ve said, what disturbs me about it is I would not feel safe in his classroom. I wouldn’t feel safe to speak or write what I thought or to engage in a debate on something that might upset him. What mark would someone get if they wrote and argued for a position he doesn’t agree with? I emailed UVic’s president for comment but have not heard back yet.

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