Viciousness of Media Party exposed as they spread libel about Sun News’ Coren


I was tipped off last night to some very suspect video and audio recordings floating around the internet which were supposedly showing Sun News’ Michael Coren doing and saying some pretty horrible things.

But after putting the ‘story’ together, it really only proves just how malicious and vengeful some in the Media Party truly are.

I decided it’s probably best to just post the clips, Coren’s explanations, and the Media Party members’ reactions.

1st YouTube clip:

Coren – “I’m responding to the control room in my ear making fun of me. Nothing to do with Muslim prayer. The shooting is edited in later. Badly.”

Globe and Mail’s Tabatha Southey:



Macleans’ Martin Patriquin:



Star’s Antonia Zerbisias:


2nd YouTube clip:

Coren – Thanks again guys. Comforting how few people believe the libels – had mere handful of attacks. The same people as always. Lots of hatred.

Thanks for all the support. Fear not – edited & out-of-context off-camera clips fool nobody. It shows we’re getting to them. Bless you.

News aggregate National Newswatch which mainly features anti-Conservative articles and columns:


3rd YouTube clip:

Coren – “I end each show with a salute. Someone said it could be mistaken for the Nazi one. I said no; showed off camera what the Nazi one was like.”

“It’s probably a fired employee with a grudge. No sensible person will believe. Dad’s family were Polish Jews; I give a lot of Nazi salutes!”

Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor:


Mike Barber ex-reporter and editor for Postmedia and The Mark



A few people had better hope Coren isn’t in a litigious mood huh?





9 Responses to “Viciousness of Media Party exposed as they spread libel about Sun News’ Coren”

  1. Natasha (@mooseandskwerl) Says:

    Dan Gardner had this comment:

    “Imagine how dementedly self-righteous you have to be to doctor video clips to paint someone as the bigot you believe him to be.”

    And Rikki Ratliff had this response:

    “@dgardner imagine how self-righteous a journalist has to be assume the worst without going to the source for verification. Bias revealed.”

    plus this added comment:

    I wonder if we’ll be seeing any apologies from Southey or MacGregor soon? Zerb will likely just double down on the libel – the batshit crazies usually do.

  2. Brian Mouland Says:

    Brian Lilley once described the MSM as a bunch of yappy little dogs sniffing and licking each others butts all day. Dead On Brian!

  3. Fay Says:

    It appears that mean and nasty takes precedence over journalistic talent and ability these days.

  4. Annony Moose Says:

    Wow, talk about liebrals and spreading lies.

  5. Powell Lucas Says:

    No matter how hard you try to wipe it away, the left wing media like scum in dirty bathwater always floats to the top!

  6. mahmood Says:

    Damn that zerbisias twitter is a collection of the ugly. Yeesh.

  7. Stan Says:

    The greedy and hate filled socialists are getting worried.

  8. LynnS Says:

    I suspect a little pranksterism as work here. Somebody took the bait and it wasn’t Michael Coren. Where is that Menzoid character hiding out? Of course, the point had to be made between “professionals”.

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