Who needs to fact-check when you’re the Canadian Press?

dont trust the media

This CP story caught my eye the other day because I know the person it was about:

BC man sues Wal-Mart after heater starts fire, house burns down (see here)

Now CP is the largest news service in Canada with clients such as Postmedia, CBC, CTV, Global, T Star etc so when they do a story it gets massive cross-country coverage and you would think the reporters always call the person to verify right?

Except they don’t:

The former mayor and current Coldstream councilor Gyula Kiss says the media has made a mistake, and that he is not suing Walmart.

“There is nothing much I can tell you, because I did not file a lawsuit.This first thing that I heard about it is off the news.” (see here)

Is it really too much to ask?




4 Responses to “Who needs to fact-check when you’re the Canadian Press?”

  1. Powell Lucas Says:

    Surely fewer and fewer people remain so naive as to take anything reported in the MSM at face value.

  2. Bocanut Says:

    Speaking about fact checking numbers see the 8:30 mark in segment -Whats coming up in 2013 politics- where Gloria Galloway -“Top Canadian Political Journalist” and wife of Dion strategist Mark Dunn stumbles with Conservative support numbers.

  3. stewart@kelman.com Says:

    Coldstream? Cool. I’m from Coldstream.

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