Star’s Delacourt responds to blog post – says Sun’s Levant libelled her


The Toronto Star’s Susan Delacourt has responded to my earlier bog post about her brother being a paid Liberal operative (see here) which I have posted.

Below Delacourt’s response you will find Sun News’ Ezra Levant’s reply to her assertion that his story was “fictitious and libellous”:

Here’s why I asked you to call me, Dean … Because internet bullies/name-callers usually go mute when they have to actually talk to the person they’ve chosen as their targets. I see you’ve done the same. You want something you can post. It’s actually not that brave to request that. So here it is:

First… The “crying over Ignatieff’s retirement party” thing is in some way a reference, I believe, to a SunMedia report of early May, 2011, that was fictitious. (Or, as we like to say in my world, libellous.) But if you’re interested in filling out the picture at all — that report was based on a sighting of other reporters, including SunMedia, in the room, crying with Peter Donolo after the campaign was over on May 3, 2011. Problem: I wasn’t there. I was upstairs in the hotel lobby, getting bad news about my Dad’s health, and trying to get on an early plane to see him and my Mom. Was I upset that day? You bet I was. Did SunMedia tell the proper story of its own reporters crying and hugging Donolo, while this reporter wasn’t there? No it did not. Did Ezra Levant know that story and report something different? Yes he did. Do photos exist of the truth? Yes. Could I probably sue over this? Yes I could, but it’s not worth it. No one actually believed the story, except a handful of people who watched the show.

Second: My brother has worked for the Liberals. My husband has worked for the Conservatives. (A B.C. Conservative backbencher, in fact.) I am a journalist. I was long before before the employment histories of my family. I don’t wear team colours. I’m actually kind of suspicious of people who do. Seems kind of limiting.

Third: I am also suspicious of people who throw out gratuitous shots on Twitter all day long, call people names, and don’t have the guts to say these things to these people in person. Give me a call — tell me what your problem is. Man up, pick up the phone and have the courage to do something more than bathroom graffiti with your political views. 613-237-1773. I’m there next week.

P.S. I’m sure you’re enjoying this much attention. It’s way more than your comments are worth. I call this a New Year’s gift

Ezra Levant’s response:

I interviewed Susan by e-mail before my show in 2011, and she confirmed to me in writing that, and I’m cutting and pasting here: “when I walked in the room and saw the other reporters crying, yes, I think I shed a few tears”.
I believe I also acknowledged on the show that she had a sad personal experience that day as well.
I’m not sure why Susan is pretending she’s not sympathetic to the Liberal Party or that her brother isn’t deeply involved in it. If she truly believed there were no ethical issues about her reporting on her brother’s political party without warning readers of that fact, she probably wouldn’t be so shy and defensive about it. I think she protests too much.

Star’s Delacourt’s brother working on Trudeau’s leadership campaign?

john delacourt

I wonder how many readers of the Toronto Star’s senior political writer Susan Delacourt know that her brother John is a long-time paid Liberal operative?

John Delacourt has worked for ex-Liberal MP (and now wannabe BC Liberal MLA) Sukh Dhaliwal (see here), ex-Liberal MP Joe Volpe (see here) and Manager of Multicultural Outreach for ex-Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff (see here).

Although I’ve never seen Delacourt declare this conflict of interest whenever she has written on any of them, maybe others have?

I’ve asked her this:

Is your brother John working on Trudeau’s leadership campaign similarly as he did for Ignatieff?

And will get back to you if she replies.

Update: Susan Delacourt responded to my question with snark

@bcbluecon 38,000 tweets. 1,000-or-so followers. Somebody’s trying to tell you something, sir. Happy New Year and better luck in 2013.

Then applauds herself when Liberal insider Rob Silver and Globe’s Tabatha Southey guffaw at her stunning wit:

@RobSilver @TabathaSouthey And happy 2013 to you! (Sometimes, it’s useful to hold up the hand, with thumb and forefinger one inch apart.)

But then suddenly has a change of heart maybe because of all the flack she was taking on Twitter:

@bcbluecon 613-237-1773 anytime after Jan. 8 if you want to chat to a real person about your mix of fact and fiction.

To which I replied that I prefer email:

@SusanDelacourt That way everything is on the record for me to post on-line


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